Curriculum intent the Hollickwood way

Our curriculum intent has been designed to meet the specific needs of our pupils and school community. This document sets out what we aim for all our pupils to experience, achieve and develop throughout their time at Hollickwood.

The diversity of our school community is a strength, and we work in partnership with parents and the community for the benefit of all. Supporting the wellbeing of all stakeholders is at the heart of our school and guides our decision making. All pupils will experience a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum. They will understand what it means to be an expert in a subject and will find out about a diverse range of individuals who have excelled in the field. In all subjects, they will develop the core knowledge and skills required to provide a secure foundation for further study at secondary school. 



So that all pupils:

- Embrace challenges and high expectations.

- Feel safe to make mistakes knowing that they are an essential part of learning.

- Feel supported to overcome any barriers to learning.

- Know that discrimination against others due to their views, beliefs or life choices is never right and are confident to challenge this appropriately.


So that all pupils:

- Are curious

- Experience awe and wonder

- Have enriching experiences that take them outside of what they would usually encounter.

- Enjoy learning and leave with a hunger for learning more.

- Take part in playful, purposeful learning centered on core enquiry questions and the development of a clearly defined knowledge base. This leads to deep understanding. 


So that all pupils:

- Have full access to a broad, balanced curriculum.

- Are exposed to the best literature and story-telling and develop a love of reading.

- Experience challenge and effective support.

- Demonstrate a willingness and determination to do their best and reach the highest standards.

- Understand how they learn best and reflect on what helps them learn.


So that all pupils:

- Persist with challenges and enjoy problem solving.

- Have opportunities to express themselves through the arts.

- Know how to work collaboratively and value the different knowledge and skills that people can bring to a team.

- Have opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a range of ways.

- Find and develop their unique talents. 


So that all pupils:

- Believe that they can achieve.

- Know that adults have high ambitions for them, and believe they can succeed.

- Achieve high academic standards.

- Leave us with a secure grounding in reading, writing and maths.

- Are secondary school ready and prepared for future employment?

- Can speak with confidence, using a wide vocabulary with precision.


So that all pupils:

- Develop positive, trusting relationships with all adults in the school and with each other.

- Know what healthy and respectful relationships look like at school, at home, and in the wider community.

- Know how to look after their mental and physical health.

- Show compassion and care towards others, and the natural world.

- Know how to regulate their behaviour and manage difficult feelings.