Hollickwood’s school’s code of Respect, Take Care and Try Your Best underpins our curriculum rationale. It demonstrates our commitment to quality teaching and learning, which in turn leads to progress and successful lifelong learners. At Hollickwood, our vision is to improve achievement through a curriculum that encourages active learning where all succeed and achieve.

At Hollickwood we encourage curiosity and enquiry. We encourage an understanding of where we belong. We encourage inspiration. Such inspiration comes from our school community and beyond. Such inspiration comes from our children.

Enquiry Curriculum

At Hollickwood, we believe that choosing the right context to engage our children in their learning is vital in fostering a love of learning and also maintaining our high standards. Therefore, active planning input from the children is integral to our enquiry based curriculum; we want the children to feel that they are able to drive part of their learning journey. This is essential to ensure that the curriculum meets the ongoing varied needs and interests of the children.

Our Enquiry curriculum provides a broad and balanced curriculum that adheres to the guidance of the National Curriculum whilst promoting learning, personal growth and development. Children’s knowledge, skills and understanding are developed through a cross-curricular approach by linking learning to a range of topics.

Curriculum Drivers

Our Curriculum Intent, which takes into account the school, local, national and global needs, is reviewed annually and formulates our curriculum drivers for the year: Our current key curriculum drivers are:

Experiences and Opportunities

We believe that through enriching learning opportunities, children gain tangible, relevant and memorable experiences that support in acquiring and developing knowledge and skills transferrable to a broader curriculum. It contributes to instilling a love of learning, motivation and emotional resilience. The loss of experiences and opportunities is great due to Covid-19 and we believe that in order to ‘catch-up’ children need to be submerged into a wealth of trips, visits and workshops and saturated in an abundance of sports, arts and creative play. We believe that through diverse experiences a true ‘recovery curriculum’, one that leads to better outcomes through access of choices, supports our children in understanding a range of people, events, contexts and more importantly, themselves.


Hollickwood is committed to teaching our children to respect, accept and celebrate the diversity and difference that exists in our society. Our ethos, culture and curriculum reflects these communities and is proactive in promoting belonging and community accountability.

It is important that children feel a connection with each subject to have a true understanding of themselves, their society, their nation and the world, therefore we aim to embed equality and diversity in our curriculum by studying a range of representatives. All All pupils will have equal access to the curriculum and a high quality, coherent and progressive experience of each subject. Learning ability, physical ability, linguistic ability, gender, ethnicity and/or cultural circumstances will not impede pupils from accessing any lessons at Hollickwood. We aim to provide a broad and balanced education that meets the needs of all children.

Cognitive rich

Our curriculum is ‘Cognitive rich’ where thinking skills are taught, nurtured, developed and challenged. We give status to thinking and developing enquiring minds, so that our children can adapt to any new problem, beyond a test situation. These skills prepare children for a future of cognitive functioning. We aim for our children to think, reflect, debate, discuss and evaluate by formulating and refining questions and lines of enquiry whilst being able to support, evaluate and challenge their own and others’ views through a range of communication devices.

We ensure that metacognition, or learning how to learn features in all aspects of a child’s learning journey in order for them develop a critical awareness. This enhances their learning and outcomes as they become more aware and have a better understanding of their own learning process.

A language-rich curriculum is vital if we are to open doors and bridge the gaps for our children’s futures. We, therefore, place a high focus on developing the children’s vocabulary and spoken skills using explicit teaching of subject vocabulary.

Mental Health and Well-being

Hollickwood is determined to nurture and grow children who are proud of who they are and accept that everyone has a right to be their own unique person. Our children are guided in the importance of challenge when such a view is tainted by moral injustices by instilling an ethos of kindness throughout the school.

Our curriculum lends itself to a wealth of opportunities to develop children’s personal, social and emotional learning. We are committed to support wellbeing for all and encouraging children to develop their sense of identity and belonging in a multi-cultural society whilst enabling them to combat prejudice and discrimination. We aim to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development so they can flourish individually within their own communities, and as citizens in a plural society and the global community

It is important that we address what has happened during and since each lockdown as children and families have had varying journeys. The experiences of losses: routine, structure, friendship, opportunity and freedom are recognised. Staff have been trained in understanding the potential consequences of bereavement, attachment, anxiety and trauma. At Hollickwood, we provide a safe and welcoming space where all members of the community work together to provide a nurturing environment.

Enquiry Curriculum Process