At Hollickwood, we understand that maths is essential to everyday life and believe that a high-quality mathematics education provides children with the foundation for understanding the world around them. It is our intention that children will be able to see the purpose of why we teach maths and provide them with transferable skills, that they can use through their continued education and adult life.

Hollickwood School adheres to the Maths Mastery approach across which is an inclusive way of teaching that is grounded in the belief that all pupils can achieve in maths. It has been developed to focus on Fluency, Problem Solving & Reasoning tasks supported by the White Rose Maths Small Steps.

Our Curriculum Intent, which takes into account the school, local, national and global needs, is embedded throughout our Maths curriculum:

Experiences and Opportunities

In order for the children to be exposed to the relevance of maths and the world outside school, we aim to provide children with relevant real-life problem, where they can understand the relationship between the skills they have learned in class and the wider world.


All pupils will have equal access to the Maths curriculum and a high quality, coherent and progressive experience of Maths. Learning ability, physical ability, linguistic ability, gender, ethnicity and/or cultural circumstances will not impede pupils from accessing Maths lessons.

Hollickwood is committed to teaching our children to respect, accept and celebrate the diversity and difference that exists in our society. Our ethos, culture and curriculum reflects these communities and is proactive in promoting belonging and community accountability.

Cognitive rich

The Maths Mastery approach encapsulates Hollickwood School’s enquiry based curriculum and enables children to explore Mathematics to a deeper level of understanding. Children are encouraged to develop their mathematical fluency without resorting to rote learning and solve non-routine maths problems without having to memorise procedures.

Pupils are given time to think deeply about maths and really understand concepts at a relational level rather than as a set of rules. We provide real-life learning that reflects their society and their world by offering learning that is impartial, useful and crosses all boundaries.

Mental Health and Well-being

At Hollickwood School, Mathematics is taught as an essential part of children’s everyday lives by making connections with the wider world through cross-curricular links. We are committed to building children’s self-esteem and confidence by working collaboratively with peers and teachers to become proficient and confident mathematicians in school and at home.