School Improvement Plan

This is a summary of our current School Improvement Plan.

2022-23 Overview – February 2023

Development Point 1:

To develop a research-informed agreed approach for the teaching of reading, including phonics, that is consistently implemented in all classes so that the teaching of reading is consistently at least good and all pupils are effectively challenged.

Development Point 2:

To improve the physical learning environment so that it supports a culture of high expectations.

Development Point 3:

To develop clear curriculum documentation and guidance for all subjects and ensure that this is consistently implemented in line with the agreed approach.


Development Point 4:

To raise attendance so that it is at least in line with national figures and reduce persistent low attendance.

Development Point 5:

To enhance the reputation and profile of Hollickwood in the local community, and improve communication with all stakeholders.

Development Point 6:

To put in place effective systems for the assessment and monitoring of pupil progress and attainment, and a programme of interventions to support pupils to keep up.

Development Point 7:

To develop staff’s expertise in how to challenge more able pupils effectively, particularly within English and Maths.

Development Point 8:

To support pupils to develop increased confidence, stamina and independence.


Development Point 9:

To provide support to parents to enable them to feel confident to support their child’ learning.