School Improvement Plan

This is a summary of our current School Improvement Plan.

2021-22 Overview – February 2022

Overall Objective: To continue to improve outcomes for all children and provide a high-quality primary education that is fit for 21st century London

Development Point 1:

To ensure feedback is consistently of high quality, access to the school and makes a marked impact on the progress of all pupils.


Development Point 2:

To redevelop and adjust the Hollickwood curriculum so that all pupils are effectively supported and challenged and have access to a broad and inspiring curriculum.


Development Point 3:

To ensure that all LSAs make a marked impact on pupil achievement. 


Development Point 4:

To continue to develop the teaching of English, Maths, and History and to introduce the new RSE curriculum.


Development Point 5:

To develop EYFS provision so that it is in line with the new EYFS framework and so that there are high levels of challenge for All pupils in all curriculum areas.


Development Point 6:

To ensure that All pupils with SEND make excellent progress from their starting points.