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Newsletter Issue 03

A Message from The Headteacher

It's my last go at this. I have had the privilege of being the Headteacher here for eight years and I am truly grateful to have had that opportunity.

I am grateful for my colleagues; they are an incredible group of people, hardworking, talented, dedicated and focused, and I do mean all of them, those who work in classrooms and those who work in offices, kitchens, dinner halls, playgrounds, gardens or all of the above!

I am grateful to have spent so much of my working life with young people whose capacity to enchant, bewilder, confuse and delight us older people is boundless! It has been a truly rich experience getting to know all of them.

Finally I am grateful to all of the parents and carers, for your trust, acceptance and support.

I believe that the focus and resilience of the team here, coupled with support from new staff members and all of you, will ensure that this transition is no more that a small bump in the road on this school's continued journey towards being the very best it can be, for all of the children.

Thank you all.

Hugh Vivian

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