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Newsletter Issue 07

A Message from The Acting Headteacher

We end another wonderful week of learning where the children have been discovering new and exciting knowledge. Each class is immersed in their Enquiry Question, where they will be guided on a journey of developing new skill and deepening existing ones.
We were extremely pleased that Mpula Lawton from ran another fascinating workshop on Wednesday where we looked at Celebrating Diversity. It covered a range of themes including: Leading by example; combatting parental prejudices and cues picked up by children; celebrating your own and other cultures and actively promoting that representation matters. Please join us in the final session next week.
Parent consultations begin next week. Teachers will call to share all of the children’s successes and achievements. We politely ask that the 10-minute time allocation is adhered to so that it does not impede on the next appointment. Thank you for your understanding and support.
Exciting news! We are also hosting a first, in which we hope many, Chat and Play sessions for parents and carers of 0-3 year olds next Thursday at 10:30am. In the new Room. It will be run by Grace Church who are one of our incredibly supportive partners with a wealth of expertise. Please come along and meet other families and their children where we will be singing and taking part in story time together. No need to book! We look forward to seeing you there.
Have a wonderful weekend! Take care and keep safe.

Skeve Constantinou
Acting Headteacher

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