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Newsletter Issue 21


Remote Learning During the Coronavirus

A Message from The Headteacher

So here we are, half way through the school year, one third of which we have been partially closed for. Thank you all for your engagement with remote learning and the support that many of you have shown for school staff, who are really giving of their best in our efforts to minimize the negative impacts of all of this. I'm sure you are all feeling the impact of lockdown measures and the 'Groundhog Day' feeling that comes with it. It is the Friday before half-term but it's not bringing the same bounce as it usually does!
Many of us are struggling with our own health and well-being as well as having to be responsible for that of others. Please try and use next week to look after yourself, take a break from the usual routines if you can, get some time away from screens and devices and have some fun. I am strongly encourag-ing school staff to do just that next week.
I have seen some fabulous pieces of work from the children this week, and the large piece of artwork that Liga has put together is now on display in school and it looks great! There are some great examples of work completed to a very high standard - thank you and well done!
One major challenge for the school for after the break will be setting a budget for the coming financial year. We are carrying forward a significant deficit this year - the exact amount is to be confirmed but is likely to be in the region of £90,000. We will be expected to produce a plan as to how we will recover the deficit over the next three years, which will be challenging.
As you know, we have a new Chair of Governors, Adam Fagan. I'd like to publicly thank Ed Tytherleigh for his work in this role over the past four years. Ed has been a great Chair and I'm very happy that he is staying on The Governing Body as his expertise in building and planning processes makes him ideally suited to support the school's exciting new development plans.
Regarding re-opening, we are all waiting on an announcement that is due on the 22nd February with the 8th March highlighted as a possible date for opening more widely. Whether this will be full or partial opening is not known at this point.
We will be holding parent consultations on Thursday 4th March by phone, regardless of whether or not school is fully open. Your child's class teacher will give you a time when they call during the previous week. Keep safe and well.
Happy Half Term everybody!

Hugh Vivian

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