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Newsletter Issue 18

Netball News

Our netball team took part in the Barnet Primary schools' tournament at Copthall School on Wednesday. The team played very well, winning three and drawing two of our group games. Unfortunately the two draws cost us as we finished second in the group, behind St.Catherines, who we had already beaten. However, we left with heads held high, unbeaten, and also received the 'fair play' award for the tournament. Congratulations and well played to Alemin, Anjelica, Dirina, Michelle, Stella, Tate and Zac. We are really proud of our lions and lionesses.

Merit Awards

We are no longer going to use Merits as a reward system after this half term. We have a range of rewards in school, college points, class rewards such as marble treats and getting to 'awesome' and 'epic' and we all feel that merits are no longer required. This means that this term's bronze and silver awards will be the last we give out.


Please ensure that no smart watches, fitbits or any other smart devices are worn or brought to school.

Parent Meeting

Knife Crime, Drugs and Gang Violence – Prepare Not Scare!

With Gangs, knife related incidents, drugs and violence a real and increasing issue in this local area, there will be two workshops for parents of our local group of primary schools. These will be run at St Paul’s Primary School on Thursday 26th March at 9am and repeated at 7pm. The focus will be on what is happening in our local area and how parents can help support their children if they come across any of these issues. We would really recommend attending a session especially if your children are in Years 4 to 6.

Breakfast Club

Please note that the breakfast club stops serving food from 8.15 am onwards.

Musician of the week

And finally, we have introduced a new feature to the school. Every week there will be a Musician of the week. This week the musician was Stevie Wonder. Isn’t that lovely!

Friends of Hollickwood

The meeting of the PTA, during which we'll discuss the summer fair and some expenses we need to authorise, is going to take place Tuesday the 28th of January at 7:30 pm in the school's new room. Please come and also let others know.

P.S. Children are welcome.

Follow the friends at of Hollickwood

Hugh Vivian

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