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Newsletter Issue 38

Year 6 Performance Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies

This week, the hall saw lots of greasepaint, glitter, brightly coloured costumes and lots of tights, as Year 6 took to the stage to perform: Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies. With outstanding acting, rousing songs and plenty of corny jokes - the audience were entertained and rolling in the aisles. Well done Year 6 - good job!

Year 6 Performance

Hollickwood’s Got Talent

On Thursday 11th July, many of our lovely children participated in Hollickwood’s Got Talent. There was a very high standard of entries . It was a very entertaining show , with a plethora of talented children who entered. They should all be so proud of themselves. The winners were:

1. Sonny for his singing.

2. Rozhan for her dancing.

3. An Xin, Ivy, Leila, Ula, Yu Xuan ( The Super Girls )

Friends of Hollickwood

Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Hollickwood school,

We'd like to thank each and every parent, carer, governor, teacher and staff member (Mr Vivian. Mrs Boulton, Miss Constantinou, Miss O'Brien , Ms Johnston, Lenka, Apsra, Ms Kevin, Mrs Neal, Ms Preston, Mr Singh, Miss Hinc ) as well as our friends and neighbours (Taste of Nawab and Kendra with her delicious waffles) of our school who supported our summer fair, by helping set up, run stalls, tidy up, or by donating time, energy and goods for our raffle, tombola, bar, food stalls etc.

Thank you Jenny, Katrina, Stephanie, Sam, Cristina, Jude, Kirstie, Sarah, Lenka, Lucy, Susan, Liga, Sonia, Linden, Tim, Rachel, Diana, Anna, Nicola, Khatera, Helen and of course all the dads (Elliott, Graham, Foivos, Alex, Ed and many more) and all the older children who helped us so much.

WE MADE £2294!

We all did it together.

Thank you! Kind regards to you all.

Have a good summer.

Follow the friends of Hollickwood

Hugh Vivian


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