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Summer Term

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Summer Term 2020


A School Project Inspired by the Pandemic Social Distancing Fashion Studios

English(Daily Plan)

Christiano Ronaldo - Monday's Lesson
Christiano Ronaldo - Phrases
Persuasive Writing in Advertisements
Modal-verbs Wednesday's lesson Wednesday's Worksheets
Persuasive posters Secrets of Success Self Marking

Destination Reader

Reading Stem Sheet for Iron Man Chapter One
Reading Stem Sheet for Iron Man Chapter two
Reading Stem Sheet for Iron Man Chapter Three

The Iron Man-Destination Reading

 1. The Coming of The Iron Man
 2. The Return of The Iron Man
 3. What's to be Done with The Iron Man
4.The Space-Being and the Iron Man
5. The Iron Man's Challenge


Word of the day

English(Daily Plan)

Edward Tulane own story
The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane-Friday's lesson
the miraculous journey of Edward Tulane-kate_dicamillo
Success Criteria for your own short narrative story
similes and adjectives metaphor word mat
understanding figurative language Adverbials

Pandemic - The lost Cloth of dreams

Destination Reader

Prediction Stem Question Stems

How to create a Story Map



Word of the day

English(Daily Plan)

Friday's Lesson Complete an emotions graph to show how Varjak
Monday's Lesson Ancient Mesopotamia Map
Report writing on Ancient Mesopotamia, focusing on its geography

PHSE-Refugee Week

A new home (refugees powerpoint) Refugee Daily Timetable

Destination Reader

Chapter Seven Reading Stem Sheet      VARJAK PAW Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight Reading Stem Sheet       VARJAK PAW Chapter Eight



Racism on your Bus

Racism on Your Bus Debate Possible Consequences Create a Poster

Destination Reader

Appearance of a Character in Detail
The miraculous journey of edward tulane kate dicamillo

English(Daily Plan)

Chapter Five Reading Stem Sheet Chapter Six Reading Stem Sheet
VARJAK PAW Chapter Six The-adventures-of-Varjak-Paw
Questions-based-on-Varjak-Paw Success Criteria for recount
features of recounts poster Writing a Recount



Word of the day

Destination Reader

Prediction Stem for The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo Question Stems
Reading Stem Sheet for Varjak Paw
VARJAK PAW Chapter Four

English(Daily Plan)

Example of a book Review (Who's the Boss)
Plan of a report Write-a-film-review


Word of the day

Destination Reader

Reading Stem Sheet Table lesson two VARJAK PAW Chapter three


English plan week commencing 08.06

Tuesday                Wednesday                Thursday                Friday



Word of the day

Destination Reader

Varjack Paw Chapter One Varjack Paw Chapter Two  Varjack Paw Chapter
Reading Stem Sheet Varjak paw by sf said  

Facts about cats

English home learning




English Daily Timetable                           For-the-birds-speech Friday's lesson 


Destination Reader

Reading skills One Reading skills two


Task map for the birds

Word of the Day

Monday        Tuesday        Wednesday         Thursday          Friday



Word of the day


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

abof_Ch1_ChapterSequencingActivity abof_Ch2_ChapterSequencingActivity
abof_Ch1_MultiChoiceQuestions abof_Ch2_MultiChoiceQuestions
abof_Ch1_OpenEndedQuestions abof_Ch2_OpenEndedQuestions
abof_Ch1_SPaG abof_Ch2_SPaG



Time table for 4th May 2020 Reading challenge cards
 Lesson (2a) (2b)  Lesson (3a) (3b)
 Lesson (4a) (4b)  Lesson (5a) (5b)


Home Learning Timetable          Homework Grid         Homework Guide

          Comparison Study-Home Grid         Fraction Wall


Week 3

Day 1
Day 2(a) 2(b)
Day 3(a) 3(b)
Day 4
Day 5(a) 5(b)

Spelling Practice Activities

Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3


Common Exception Words

Year 3-4

Year 5-6

Reading Challenge Cards

Challenge 1

Challenge 2