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19 things you must know about our menu

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Menu Information (barnet catering services)

  1. 75% of our dishes are homemade and produced from fresh ingredients
  2. We do not use nuts or nut products
  3. We do not use any genetically modified ingredients
  4. All the meat and poultry we serve is either organic or Farm Assured
  5. Only vegetable oil is used
  6. We only use free range eggs
  7. All our fresh milk is organic
  8. Fresh seasonal vegetables are served on the menu every day
  9. An extensive range of fresh salads is offered every day
  10. The majority of fish products are MSC certified
  11. We do not serve any fried products on our menu
  12. All our puddings are suitable for vegetarians
  13. All our sponge puddings are homemade
  14. A selection of fresh fruit including melon, grapes, fresh pineapple and strawberries are offered daily
  15. Only vegetarian jelly is used
  16. Kosher and Halal meat options are offered in schools requiring this provision
  17. We only use vegetarian cheese in our recipes
  18. Our menus comply with the Government’s Food Based Standards
  19. We hold The Soil Association Food for Life Silver Catering Mark