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At Hollickwood School, your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us. Our ability to safeguard your children is robust due to the support from all parents and carers. As part of Hollickwood’s safeguarding responsibilities, we would like to clarify the measures in place at the start and end of the school day.

Start of school arrangements:

A gentle reminder that school grounds are not supervised until 8:30am, therefore children should not arrive earlier unless part of Breakfast Club, where the side gate will be open. Please do not use the car park to enter the school grounds.

Children should always travel to and from school with adult supervision in primary school. All children must be supervised by an adult until school staff enter the playground at 8:30am.

Breakfast Club

Children must be supervised by their adult until Breakfast Club staff collect them at 8:00am from outside the New Room. You are welcome to wait under one of the shelters in the playground until the doors open at 8:00am. If you wish your child to attend Breakfast Club, from January 2016 there will be a new system of online booking and payment to ensure there is adequate supervision for your child. A flat fee of £2 will apply to all children, including siblings.

Independent travellers

Children in Year 5 and 6 may be considered to be an independent traveller once a request form has been completed and signed by their parent/carer. If agreed by the school, independent travellers are able to be unsupervised in the playground and are trusted with the responsibility of being safe without an adult.

Please be advised that parental consent includes that you accept full responsibility for your child’s safety walking to and from school. This is the same for out of hours activities, clubs etc. Any additional information will be sent to you prior to the club or out of hours activity.

Independent travellers must inform their teacher when they are leaving the school grounds. Your child’s wellbeing is important to us, therefore children may have their independent traveller status revoked if there are concerns for their safety. This will always be discussed with their parent/carer.


The front gate opens early for Breakfast Club and children must wait outside the New Room until it opens at 8:00am. The back gate will be opened at 8:30am, when children not attending Breakfast Club are able to enter the playground.

School gates are secured at 9:00am. After this time, the main entrance must be used. Gates are opened at 3pm for end of day collection.

If you are late and there is no one on duty this indicates that the doors have been secured. Please use the main entrance to the school office and ensure that your child is signed in by reception staff.

End of school arrangements

The school day ends at 3:20pm and class teachers will be in the playground for parents/carers to collect their children from their classes. Children may also be picked up by a known adult to the school or known child over 16 years of age. These adults must have been agreed with the parents first and the school notified. It is parent’s/carer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their children once they have been collected from the class.

If there has been an arrangement for your child to be picked up by somebody else, it is the parent’s/carer’s responsibility to inform the class teacher of the change. If the class teacher has not received any such message from the child’s parent/carer, then the child must stay with the class teacher until their parent/carer has been contacted to verify the change of arrangements.

Please be prompt collecting your child at the end of the day as they can become very anxious. If, for any reason, you are unavoidably delayed please contact the school with an estimated time of arrival. Children can be collected from the late room until 3:50pm. After this time they will attend After-School Club and a fee will be charged.

After-school clubs

If children are staying for clubs, the adults running the club will ensure that they are collected by an appropriate adult. Parents must inform the club as to the name of that person collecting, or make it clear if the child is to walk home with parental permission. This should be in writing.

Office Hours

Please note that Office hours, for general enquiries and payments, are from 8:30am-9:15am and 3:00pm -3:40pm and can be accessed via the main entrance. Drop off and pick up are via the playground only for school and clubs.

For any further safeguarding issues please do not hesitate to contact the designated safeguarding teachers: Mr Vivian, Miss Constantinou and Tine Dietze.