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Newsletter Issue 38

A Message from The Headteacher

I hope everyone has had a good week. I've been following things at school from a distance as I've had to isolate but what a great week it's been!

I would very much like to thank everyone for the extra effort they have put in this week, as there have been a lot of staff absences and additional out of school hours events. Thank you to staff and to all parents who have helped out with visits, costumes etc.

I would, however, very much like to draw attention to the fantastic work of two parents this week - Madeleine Bradbury Rance and John Fosbrook - who provided invaluable support to year 6 for their production of Aladdin. Thank you so much, you made such a huge difference to staff and children!

It's been a tricky week at the end of a tricky year, but the way so many of you have supported and given your time, energy and resource to the school is such a huge part of what makes Hollickwood so special. Thank you!

A bit of staffing news. We welcome Mr. Sirigos to our team - although he has been here already as a trainee teacher. Mr. Sirigos will be Anne Frank's class teacher in September.

Have a good weekend!

Hugh Vivian

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