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Newsletter Issue 33

A Message from The Headteacher

Year 6 have had a great week, most of the class have been on the Isle of Wight while others have been in school but with some special activities.

The centre on the Isle of Wight is on the cliff top at Whitecliff Bay, a very beautiful spot. The staff are brilliant and really help the children access activities, highlights included climbing, body boarding, a very high swing and zip wires. There is a focus on teamwork and resilience.

I’d like to thank Ms.Goodfellow and Mr.Pitchers for giving up their time and being away from their families this week. It is rewarding but tiring work!

This is the last year that we will be coming here as increasing costs, transport particularly, make it difficult to sustain. We are looking at a new venue for next year. These stays away from home are great learning experiences.

It feels so strange to already be looking ahead to next year but here we are, staffing arrangements for September are in place and will be in next week’s newsletter.

Thanks and see you on Monday.

Hugh Vivian

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