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Newsletter Issue 27

A Message from The Headteacher

Welcome back! I hope you are all well rested after the break. It's lovely to enjoy some sunshine this week, although the temperature needs to catch up with the season! Happy St. George's Day to all those celebrating too.

Thank you for sticking with our drop off and collection arrangements, we're always reviewing these and amending as required. With that in mind, the one way system is only in operation after 3:20 pm, when children start coming out from Key stage 1 and 2 classes. Before 3:20 pm, please enter the school site through the car park gates, unless you are picking up from Early Years.

We are tentatively penciling in trips and visits for this term and your children's teachers will let you know once these are confirmed. It will be great to get back to taking the children out of school, trips are great learning opportunities and I know that you value them as much as we do.

It does feel as though we are coming out of the worst of the pandemic, however, we must continue to follow the guidance and proceed with appropriate caution. Thank you for your support.

Hugh Vivian

Friends of Hollickwood

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I hope you all had a good break. I am writing to you to address a few issues that have to do with the PTA (Parent and Teacher Association)/Friends of Hollickwood. It’s been very difficult for us all going through the pandemic, the lockdown, and the home schooling, but lately the situation seems to be heading towards an end.

Keeping that in mind, we think that we will be able to organise the Summer Fair this year on Saturday the 10th of July, in a Covid safe way. As the summer fair is the biggest fundraising event for the school, I would like to ask you all who would like/could help to contact me or someone else from the PTA. Ideas and mostly suggestions for sponsorships are more than welcome.

We are going to hold a meeting via zoom to discuss mostly about the summer fair. Everyone is welcome to participate. It’s going to be held on Thursday 29th April from 7.00 to 8:00 p.m.

If you are interested in taking part and/or have some ideas on fundraising, please send an email to the school’s office (with your details, full name, child’s name and year and email address) by Tuesday 26th April, in order for us to include you into the meeting. We would also like to let everyone know that there will be an agenda for the meeting and that each person who wishes to speak will have to “raise their hand” first.

Stay safe,

The Friends of Hollickwood
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Hugh Vivian

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