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Newsletter Issue 24

A Message from The Headteacher

I hope you have all had a good first week back! For many it will be a welcome return to familiar routines but we should acknowledge that for some it will be a less enthusiastic return, however, welcome back everyone! We are putting wellbeing at the top of our priorities after what has been an unsettling time for us all.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to keep everyone as safe as we can, particularly when dropping off and collecting your children. You'll be aware that we have tweaked things so that only Nursery and Reception come in through the main gate in the morn-ing and everyone else uses the car park. Our main safety concerns here are twofold: one is maintaining distancing and the second is road safety, seeing people needing to walk in the road to distance is less than ideal. I think our current arrangements work relatively well but will continue to review. Thank you for following direction from school staff and for helping to keep the Sydney Road pavement as clear as possible.

As we get back into routines it seems an appropriate time to talk about what is best for children with regard to this.

Bedtimes - primary school age children need between 9 and 13 hours (less as they get older) sleep each day, including naps. A good nights sleep is essential for growth and development, no primary aged child should be up past 9:00pm on a school night, and children younger than year 5 should be in bed earlier.

Breakfast - children should have a good breakfast before coming to school, fruit, cereal or other healthy option. We are still able to provide a bagel for all the children as a snack but this shouldn't replace breakfast. If your child misses breakfast for any reason please ask them to tell an adult once they arrive.

Diet - children should avoid eating sugary foods regularly, i.e. as a daily part of their diet. Treats are fine, but not every day, try replacing sugary foods with fruit.

Maths and English week has been great, thank you to Mrs. Neal and Mrs. Johnston for organising and to everyone who participated. So much great work this week, it feels like we've never been away!

Keep safe and well.

Hugh Vivian

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