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Newsletter Issue 16


Message from The Headteacher

Welcome to 2021. Week one of the Spring Term has been different from usual, but a success in so many ways. I would like to start by acknowledging the hard work of all members of the team here in getting ready for this term with so little notice. We were, I suppose, fortunate that we didn’t have the situation where we opened for one day, before having to close again, as was the case for so many schools across the country. That said, staff worked incredibly hard to be ready for Tuesday and we were able to start both remote learning and the in-school offer on time.

I hope that your children have felt supported, whether they are here in school or learning remotely. As we know we are going to be working like this for this half-term at least, time spent getting to understand how to use Purple Mash (Tapestry for Early Years) most effectively is very worthwhile. As always, if you have any questions regarding remote learning, or would like something printed, please contact us at the office.

Just to clarify, we are requiring all children to begin remote learning by 9:30 am each morning. This is slightly later than the usual start to the school day. We feel this is important as one of the main issues that came up during the closure during spring and early summer was the lack of routine and structure impacting negatively on well-being, for children and adults. So please make sure the children are ready to start their learning by then.

A reminder that for children of key/critical workers school starts at 8.50 am and finishes at 3.20 pm Monday to Friday.
Thank you for your ongoing support and keep safe.

Hugh Vivian

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Hugh Vivian


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