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Newsletter Issue 11

Message from The Headteacher

Our Art and Geography fortnight ends today. Some really impressive pieces of Art have been created, all with a strong connection to key areas of the Geography curriculum, whether that's our local area or global issues such as plastic in the oceans. Well done to all involved and particularly our Art lead Mrs. Turner-Proud and our own artist Liga Kitchen. We were also very grateful to have had input from Ben Wilson and Natasha Barton, two highly respected local artists.

A massive well done to Mrs. Neal and Mae Jemison class for your input into this year's Infant Music festival, a really lovely performance, albeit a remote one this year. Thank you for all your support with the COVID restrictions, here's hoping we continue to stay lucky and avoid an out break in school. Have a lovely weekend.

Infant Music Festivals 2020

Year Two singing session

Subject of the weekART & GEOGRAPHY


Reception revamp: can you help?


Hugh Vivian


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