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Newsletter Issue 10

Message from The Headteacher

Thank you all for your support this week, particularly those of you who have been able to support our collection for the Muswell Hill Foodbank. The children enjoyed the non-uniform day and we have been able to offer valuable support to what is, sadly, an important resource for our community.

Further thanks to those of you who have completed the parent survey, your feedback is very valuable and helps us plan for further school development.

Talking about development, we are now in discussions with architects to formulate the design for our new school hall. This is very exciting; after many years of talking about and imagining it we are moving closer to its realisation.

Have a lovely safe weekend, please maintain your vigilance around preventing the spread of the virus and hopefully we can continue to escape the closures and interruptions that a lot of schools have been impacted by

BBC Children In Need.

This week we were lucky enough to have been contacted by the BBC to ask if some of our children could be videoed for BBC TV Children in Need tonight. Two children from each class were selected and made the film this morning. Some of the proceeds of our collection today will go to Children in Need ! They will be on BBC1 between 7 and 7:30pm.

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Hugh Vivian


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