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Newsletter Issue 07

Message from The Headteacher

Focus Subject of the Week – Science

There is a lot of brilliant scientific learning happening across the school at the moment. David Attenborough class have been exploring their environment and materials like thick, gloopy mud, and swishy swashy grass - the kind of things you find on a bear hunt really. Helen Sharman class have been looking for mini-beasts and learning all about them.
In key stage 1, Mae Jemison class have been learning all about Mae herself and her scientific work, including space and how humans get there, check out their model rockets. Walter Tull class have been finding out about everyday materials and thinking about what material is best for a particular purpose.

In key stage 2, Anne Frank class are extending their knowledge of materials through learning about rocks - how thy are formed and how they can be classified into groups, such as igneous and sedimentary. Stevie Wonder class are looking at states of matter and how particles behave in solids, liquids and gases. They have been modelling this outside with each child taking the role of a particle.

In Frida Kahlo class the enquiry question is 'What if you went above and beyond?' , which could be above the Earth's atmosphere, into space, exploring the planets as they orbit the sun, with their moons circling around them. Malala Yousafzai class are investigating light, how it travels, is it always a straight line? Fascinating stuff, very engaging topics to dis-cuss and research with your children!

As you know, London is in tier 2 Covid restrictions from today. This will not impact on school life and our arrangements will not change. The main impact will be that households cannot mix, so this may impact on any shared pick up arrangements you might have. Please familiarise yourself with the restrictions.

Year Four Assembly


Friends of Hollickwood

Some exciting events have been planned by the PTA this week.
With Covid still casting an unexpected and life changing shadow over all of us, trick or treating doesn’t sound like a viable option - an alternative could be having a Pumpkin trail instead … if you would like to decorate your window in a “pumpkin” vibe in time for Saturday 31st October, please let us know your road name, so that we can add this to our pumpkin trail map which will be circulated just before the end of the half term. Another option to the window could be to decorate your doorstep. The idea is that children will then follow the trail marking off as many pumpkins they can.

The PTA are also planning to produce a cookery book with International recipes. Everyone is welcome to contribute recipes towards this.

Half Term is fast approaching and on Friday 23 October the children will be able to attend school wearing their own clothes, the theme being “Autumn colours”, in exchange for a small donation towards the school (min. suggested £1).

We would normally have had a cake sale, but bearing in mind the present circumstances, we thought that everyone would prefer to have a pre-packaged sweet sale, instead. So, if you’re able, please could you all contribute pre-packaged sweets instead of the normal donation of cakes, and we will arrange to have a sweets sale at the end of the school day on 23 October 2020, preferably in the playground, weather permitting.

Hugh Vivian


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