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Newsletter Issue 05

Message from The Headteacher

We are looking at ways of keeping everybody as safe as possible in regard to COVID infections. With this in mind, from next week we will have a one way system operating on the Sydney Road side of the site at the end of the day. Please enter the site through the main gate that leads to the school office and exit by the car park gate. We will have signs in place to remind you!

October is Black History Month in the UK. We are committed to teaching Black History all year round, as we recognise how important it is to have a balanced view of our shared history so that prejudices and misconceptions can be challenged. It is important to engage with the idea that Black History is our history, regardless of our individual heritage, and that accessing a range of sources and experiences is vital to our understanding of the past and how it informs events in the present.

Hugh Vivian

Year 5 Assembly:

Please click here for year 5 assembly.

Friends of Hollickwood

The Friends of Hollickwood is the name of our Parent and Teacher Association. The Friends have provided brilliant support for the school, putting on fantastic events that bring our communities together and raising vital funds for the school. Many of the trips and visits that have been undertaken would not have been possible without their help. We would love more of you to join in and help out. Although the pandemic has meant that much of the regular activity has had to be put on hold, there will be ways in which you can help. It would be wonderful if our new Nursery and Reception parents can get involved!

The following message is from Anna, who is the current Chair of the Friends:

Dear Parents/Carers,

The world, the country, our community, our school, our children, us all, we are going through a very difficult time. The coronavirus crisis is still here, and unfortunately life cannot go back to normal for the time being. But our community, our school and our children need our support and we’ll try to offer it in a safe way for everyone.

Since our biggest fundraising events like the fireworks or the class cafes etc. will not go ahead this winter we could maybe try to find alternative ways to raise some money for the school. We know it’s a difficult period for many of us that’s why we’re not asking for more than your time and ideas on fundraising in a “Covid safe” way.

The Friends of Hollickwood / PTA (Parents and Teachers Associations) is going to hold its first virtual meeting (via Zoom) on Thursday the 8th of October at 7 p.m. Since there might be technical difficulties and details that we’ll have to take into consideration under this new method of communication, if you are interested in taking part and / or have some ideas on fundraising, please send an email to the school’s office (with your details, full name, child’s name and year and email address) by Tuesday in order for us to include you in the meeting.

We’d also like to let everyone know that there will be an agenda for the meeting and that each person who wishes to speak will have to “raise a hand” first.

Stay safe,

The Friends of Hollickwood

Follow the friends at of Hollickwood

Year 6

This week, we learnt about Martin Luther King and the speech ‘I Have a Dream’. We learnt about the impact that this speech had and why he wrote it. During the lesson, we discussed why so many people arrived to watch the speech and what it meant to them. We did this through reading the book ‘March On: The Day My Brother Martin Changed the World’. As well as this, we discussed recent events that have occurred and the action people have taken and compared recent marches to the marches in 1963.

We wrote our own ‘I Have a Dream’ speeches and below are some examples of these:
I have a dream that people will be treated equally despite their race and gender.
I have a dream that men and women will receive equal pay.
I have a dream that one day everybody will be treated equally, no matter who they are.
I have a dream that people will be judged by how they act, rather than the way they look.
I have a dream that people will sort out their disagreements with peace and harmony, not with war.

Focus Subject of The Week - Maths

Our maths lessons are based on the White Rose Maths Small Steps where learning is broken down into stages which allow the children to master skills before progressing onto more challenging objectives.

We use the Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach in class which enables children to manipulate objects to secure understanding (cubes, counters, etc), draw pictorial representations (part-whole models) to aid calculation and show their understanding particularly when attempting abstract calculation and explaining their reasoning.

All lessons involve fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Mathematical fluency is knowing key mathematical facts and being able to recall them quickly and accurately such as times tables, number bonds and procedures. As children progress through KS2 fluency involves being able to apply the same skill to multiple contexts, and being able to choose the appropriate method for a particular task.

You can support your children by encouraging them to practise their recall of times tables using Times Table Rockstars and known facts and procedures on the Mathletics website.

Sustainable Travel

This week was Bike to School week, and to celebrate that fact, all the children in the school had an assembly, which promoted active travel.

Especially the benefits of cycling to school. It is more important than ever to help pupils get to school safely and healthily. The start of term is a great time to establish positive travel habits early.


Xmas cards made by the children will be sent home. Orders must be placed and paid for by Monday 12th October, and handed to the School Office.

Monday, 5th October also sees the start of filming for the Year 5 assembly, which will then be uploaded for all to enjoy on the school website towards the end of the week.

Hugh Vivian


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