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Newsletter Issue 34

A Message from The Headteacher

Usually, at this time of year, we would have lots of events to invite you to, summer fair, sports days and performances. However, circumstances and health guidance mean that this year is different. At least we can run the events, unlike last summer, the differences relate to you, our audiences!

Here are the dates for some of the main events:

Key stage 1 (years 1 and 2) Sports Day - Wednesday 7th July at 1:30pm
Key stage 2 (year 3, 4, 5, and 6) Sports Day - Thursday 8th July at 1:30pm
Early years (Nursery and Reception) Sports Day - Friday 9th July at 1:30pm

These events will take place outside, they will be ticketed and are subject to postponement due to weather

Year 6 Aladdin performance 1 - Tuesday 13th July at 6:00pm
performance 2 - Wednesday 14th July at 6:00pm

These events will take place inside and will be strictly tickets in advance with a limited number of adults able to attend each show

Year 6 leavers' assembly - Friday 23rd July at 9:00am

This event is planned to take place outside and will be a ticketed event, again this is subject to change due to weather

I'm very much looking forward to these events and welcoming some of you into the school.

The end of the summer term is in sight and it's time to share some plans for next year with you, notably staffing.

Here are the main class teachers for the coming year:

Early years unit - Ms. Gath, Ms. Kevin, Ms. Spiers, Mrs. Green and Ms. Moore
Year 1 - Mrs. Neal and Ms. Powell
Year 2 - Mrs Boulton and Ms. El-Bashary
Year 3 - Ms. O'Brien
Year 4 - Mrs. Johnston
Year 5 - Mr. Pitchers
Year 6 - Ms. Goodfellow

I'm very happy that we have such a stable and strong teaching team in place.

Have a lovely weekend.

Newsletter Issue 33

A Message from The Headteacher

Year 6 have had a great week, most of the class have been on the Isle of Wight while others have been in school but with some special activities.

The centre on the Isle of Wight is on the cliff top at Whitecliff Bay, a very beautiful spot. The staff are brilliant and really help the children access activities, highlights included climbing, body boarding, a very high swing and zip wires. There is a focus on teamwork and resilience.

I’d like to thank Ms.Goodfellow and Mr.Pitchers

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Newsletter Issue 32

Although it may not have felt much like summer that's half of summer term done. The children have been amazing, as ever, getting back into the rhythm of the school day, and all of us are welcoming the gradual return of some of the activities we all love and have missed so much.

Last year's year 6 sadly missed out on school journey and, although we did manage to get them all back into school for the last few weeks of term, some other key events. This year's cohort have missed a term in school but they are going on

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