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Newsletter Issue 08

Message from The Headteacher

Thank you all for your support this half-term. Despite the restrictions that the pandemic has imposed on us, we've had a really good start to the school year. I think all of us, adults and children, found that it took a little time to get back to where we were, the routines and structures, but we are up and running and so many great things have happened. I've seen wonderful pieces of work that the children have done, both here and at home, so thank you for your support with that. Our new staff members have settled in fantastically well and it really feels that they are part of our team.

I hope you all have a good week over half-term, although the options are a little limited, and come back refreshed on Tuesday 3rd November. Remember to put the clocks back on the Sunday 25th October, and please be mindful of safety on the roads as the light goes earlier at the end of the day.

Reading At Home

The Power of Reading

Community Spirit in Year 2

In Year 2 we have been thinking about what a community is. Through discussion we encouraged the children to recognise how diverse and unique each of us and our families are whilst also considering how we are linked together through our class, our school, our local area, and the city we live in.

Such discussions help children build a sense of belonging: to develop a sense of security and acceptance, to be inclusive, to be sensitive to those who feel isolated or left out, to manage conflict, to value and celebrate the good in others, to develop ambitions and dreams for the future.

The children considered ways they have been kind, supportive and helpful towards each other and to those in their community. We talked about the way we have come together as a community to help each other keep safe during the Coronavirus pandemic; by washing hands, wearing masks, keeping a distance; by learning and playing in ‘bubbles’, by supporting key workers, by giving or shopping for food to those who need it or can’t shop for themselves and keeping in touch with friends and family to check they are safe or keep their spirits up.

Hugh Vivian


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Newsletter Issue 07

Message from The Headteacher

Focus Subject of the Week – Science

There is a lot of brilliant scientific learning happening across the school at the moment. David Attenborough class have been exploring their environment and materials like thick, gloopy mud, and swishy swashy grass - the kind of things you find on a bear hunt really. Helen Sharman class have been looking for mini-beasts and learning all about them.
In key stage 1, Mae Jemison class have been learning all about Mae herself and her scientific work

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Newsletter Issue 06

National School Breakfast Programme (NSBP)

Our school has signed up to receive free healthy breakfast food as part of the Covid response offer, under the National School Breakfast Programme (NSBP), which is being delivered by the charities Family Action and Magic Breakfast.
As part of this government funded programme, schools can choose to offer children a healthy breakfast at school or at home.
Our aim is to deliver breakfast to all children on a daily basis. We have decided to serve it in every classroom before

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