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Physical Education Grant

Since 2013 all schools have a received Sports Premium Funding to help schools develop sport for young children and develop the Olympic and Paralympic stars of the future. It should also enable all children to be taught by a sports specialist.

At Hollickwood we have used the money to enhance our sports offer so that all children are taught by a sports specialist, Lisa Staff. Lisa has been able to participate in a range of training, in dance, games and gymnastics, and she brings expertise and passion to the role. We are continuing to invest in her ongoing professional development.

Through our membership of the Barnet Partnership for School Sports, the children now have more opportunity to take part in competitive sport with other schools. The school has a girls’ football team, a boys’ football team (this can also be mixed) and a mixed netball team. To enable their participation with other schools we have also funded minibus hire. As our school is in the very southern tip of the borough it can be difficult to travel to other schools for matches. This is enjoyed by the children of all ages, as there are competitions from year 1 upwards.

 The children also take part in a large inter schools athletics meeting at Allianz Park – which include both track and field events performed at a professional quality stadium with top class facilities and equipment.

The impact of including so many children in good sports coaching and having access to such a wide range of sporting opportunities has created a more positive and aspirational attitude to PE. and competitive sports, as well as other physical activities such as dance and gymnastics.

The table below shows how we spent our allocation of £17,910 this year (2018.19)




Membership of BPSS + including budget for minibus hire and staff cover to attend fixtures

£1,117 + £500

Access to competitive sport activities in a range of sports across the borough

Equipment – for lessons and for lunchtime sports, including extra kits items to enable access (boots, shin pads etc.)

£640 x 2

Well-resourced PE lessons and school teams, children able to engage in sports at lunchtimes

PE leads course and other training


Further developing specialist PE teaching input across the curriculum

Support for children to attend sports clubs provided out of school hours


Pupils who have an interest in sports and physical activity are able to participate in activities and finance is not a barrier for families

60% of unqualified teacher


Specialist PE input for all children twice per week

Total = £18,061

For the financial year 2017.18 we will receive an increased grant of £13,995. We have decided to invest the additional £5,134 in increased skill training for our specialist PE teacher and support for competitive sports.