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SEND Information Report


The Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 require the school to publish certain information regarding our provision for pupils with SEND. We hope parents of current and prospective pupils find the following information helpful and we encourage all interested parties to contact the school for more information.

Ethos, Vision and Values

At Hollickwood primary School, we are proud to have an embedded ethos of inclusivity, where every learner has the opportunity to thrive throughout their time with us.

Our vision is of a school where all succeed. Where all feel included and welcome. Where high expectations are shared and communicated. Where inquiry, innovation, independent thought and risk taking are valued. Where diversity is celebrated. Where respect for self, others and the environment are central to life in school. Where all have a voice and a share in the success of all.

At Hollickwood, we believe that every child has a right to an inclusive and fair education that enables them to progress and become lifelong learners. Our staff are committed to the ethos that every teacher is a teacher of every child or young person including those with SEND, where differentiated and personalised teaching and learning is at the forefront of good SEND provision. We firmly believe that, ‘SEND provision is underpinned by high quality teaching and is compromised by anything less.’ (SEND Code of Practice. DFES 2014,1.24). In addition to this, high quality assessment ensures that we are appropriately addressing the needs of the children to ensure positive personal and social outcomes.

If your child has a special educational needs and/or disability and you would like to know more about what we offer at Hollickwood please contact us on: 0208 883 6880 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Inclusion Lead: Miss Skeve Constantinou (NASENCo)
SENCo: Mrs Tracy Rutherford
Inclusion Governor: Mrs Kirstie Stroud

What kinds of special educational needs do we provide for?

How do we identify, assess and review children with SEND?

What provision is available to a child with SEND?

How do we adapt the curriculum for pupils with SEND?

How do we enable children with SEND to engage in the activities of the school?

How will we support your child’s emotional, mental and social needs?

What support systems do we have in place?

What equipment and facilities do we have to assist our pupils with SEND?

How do we ensure parents of children with SEND are involved?

How does the Governing Body involve other bodies in meeting the needs of children with SEND and in supporting families of such children?

How does Hollickwood arrange transition for children with SEND?

Evaluating Effectiveness

What do I do if I have a complaint about my child with SEND?

Inclusion Provision


The Local Authority Offer:

The Local Authority Offer is information about services available for children with SEN aged 0-25. It can be accessed at: 

Useful links:

Parents of children with SEN may find the following support services helpful, in addition to the school’s offerings:

  • Barnet SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (Previously Parent Partnership)

North London Business Park (NLBP)
Oakleigh Road South
N11 1NP

Tel: 020 8359 7637
FAX: 020 8359 2480
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The educational provision that is available in all Barnet maintained schools and academies.