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Our last set of results is from the summer of 2019, almost two years ago. We were pleased with the majority of results, KS1 attainment and KS2 progress are all above or in line with national averages.

KS2 Maths was disappointing. Since then we have put a lot of work into improving our Maths offer and, while 2019’s cohort did not do well in the test, we are confident that our test results will improve as soon as these are held again.


KS1 results 2019

Percentage of children achieving the expected standard

Reading: 83        Writing: 83

Maths: 83   Science: 85

KS2 results 2019

KS2 average progress scores

Reading: 2.75     Writing: 3.55

Maths: -0.32

KS2 average scaled scores

Reading: 103.0   Maths: 101.0

Percentage of pupils who achieved the expected standard

Reading: 64        Writing: 78

Maths: 52

Percentage of pupils who achieved a high level of attainment

Reading: 26        Writing:11

Maths: 19