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Welcome to Nursery

Class teacher; Julia Gath

Early Year Educator; Ruth Kevin

In Nursery our priority is making sure our children feel settled, happy and confident as they leave their parents and carers, coming into Nursery often for the first time We strive to provide exciting and engaging experiences and learning opportunities and to enable all children to become independent learners.

 Nursery routine

Start of the session

Children hang their belongings on their peg and sign in themselves before coming into the classroom to explore and choose with you, a member of the team or independently. Free flow activities are available in the indoor and outdoor classrooms when everybody is in and gates are secure.




 We share stories all of the time and hope you enjoy reading at home too! It is so important for your child’s development and such precious time spent together. Books from the class library can borrowed and changed as often as you like. 



We don’t wear uniform in Nursery but please don’t send your child in wearing their favourite or best clothing. We are busy with hands on learning and despite our best efforts mud, paint, clay etc, can be messy. We would also be very grateful if you could make sure all of your child’s clothing Is labelled.


End of the session:

We end our sessions together with songs and stories before we say goodbye. Staff are always available should you have anything to share or any questions to ask.

Nursery Newsletters:


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Book a visit

Hollickwood Nursery welcomes visitors all year round. A senior member of staff will lead each guided tour and be available for any questions. A visit takes approximately 20 minutes and the whole school will be included so you can see the wonderful work that continues throughout our school. To make an appointment please call the school office on 020 8883 6880.