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Newsletter Issue 17

Science Leading The Way

 Hollickwood Primary is very proud to inform you that we have appointed Science Ambassadors in the school.

The chosen few have been successfully teaching other children about magnets this week and helping the teachers to prepare their teaching resources.

Fantastic job! Keep it up!

If any of you are in possession of any unwanted science games, books, etc. our Science Ambassadors would be happy to use them.

Please leave the donations in the office. 


The police will be visiting the school on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th Jan. They will be discussing a variety of topics which include:

1. Who keeps you safe?

2. Parts of Police uniform

3. Recap of ‘Magic Four’ or Stranger Danger

4. “ Being safe from bullies”

5. Being arrested - rules, laws and punishments.

6. Age of arrest - how Police Stations and youth courts deal with young People

7. Offensive weapons

Football Matches

21st January -The boys team (Yrs 5 and 6 ) are playing away at Tudor School

22nd January -The girls team (Yrs 5 & 6 ) are playing at home against Holly Park


Hugh Vivian


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Newsletter Issue 16

Welcome back to everyone in the Spring Term of 2019. We would like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and bright New Year.

Barnet Better Leisure Centres have been appointed to deliver Xplore family lifestyle programmes for children in the London Borough of Barnet.

The programme is part of an Action Plan to manage childhood obesity, and its aim is to improve family health by offering sessions on nutrition and healthy eating for children, plus games-based physical activity sessions.

The aim is to reach all

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Newsletter Issue 14

Football News                                  
Our Girls' team travelled to Woodridge school for a Barnet cup game. The team played very well in what was a very even match. After a goalless first half, it was Woodridge who took the lead. However, Hollickwood kept going and Stella scored a great equaliser in the last minute. The match then went straight to 'sudden death' penalties in the fading  Totteridge light and unfortunately we ended up losing 2-1. A great effort and fantastic team spirit, well done team and

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Newsletter Issue 12


In order to start our fundraising for Y4’s overnight trip to Gilwell Park, we will be holding a KS1 FILM NIGHT at school on Wednesday 12th December, in Year 1.

The prices are £4 per child, or £6 for two siblings. If there are 3 siblings or more, the price is £8, but the children must be siblings to qualify for this price. The price of admission will allow your child entry to the film, plus a small bag of popcorn and a drink of squash or water.

The film will start after school and we will

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Newsletter Issue 15 (Festive Edition)

A Message From The Headteacher

What a great year we've had at Hollickwood School. The children have achieved so much and there are so many things to be proud of. We have had excellence in all areas of the curriculum, and at all phases of the school, from Nursery to year 6. There have been so many memorable events it wouldn't be fair to not mention them all, so I won't try and list them!

Whilst results are not everything, we have seen the school's best ever results in reading at KS2, and in the phonics check in

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Newsletter Issue 13

Our World of Atoms
Y4 had a fantastic opportunity to be inspired, and explore their curiosity about the wonderful and wonderous world we live in. They spent the day with  scientists and learnt about atoms. The children used their imagination to look at the microscopic world and observe how it influences our more familiar world.  The day was filled with enquiries, investigations, art activities and  ended with  'The electron dance'. Some of the facts from the day: 

 *The world is made of tiny atoms. 

* All

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Newsletter Issue 11

International evening

Hollickwood Primary School celebrated their diverse and talented community on 16 November with their annual International Evening.

More than 150 people attended the event, which featured delicious foods from around the world and a variety of brilliant performances from pupils and parents.

Hollickwood children of all ages took to the stage. The audience were treated to Ghanaian dancing and a captivating arrangement from the school’s own choir and African drumming group. Live operatic

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