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Newsletter Issue 01


Welcome back to school after what I hope was a good break. I'm really looking forward to this school year as I'm sure it's going to be a fantastic one in which our school will continue to grow and thrive.

Our staff is relatively stable, which is a real plus. Recruiting teachers is becoming increasingly difficult and many schools are facing real difficulties with this. We were very sad to see Emma Wilkinson leave us right at the end of last term and this has left us shorthanded in the office, thank you for your patience and understanding and thanks to staff who have stepped in to cover, especially Lenka. We hope to be able to confirm the appointment of a new school administrator very soon.

We welcome Muhammad Ajaz to our school as our new IT technician. Deenah McElhinney has increased her hours and is the Grimms' class teacher in year 4. Chantelle Playfair has also increased her hours and is working in Breakfast Club, as a Mealtime Supervisor and in the After School Club. We have a great staff team at our school and we had a very productive day on Monday, working on the school's improvement plan and getting the classrooms ready for the children's return.

Andy Dunham, our wonderful Premises Manager, worked hard over the summer break and got lots of improvements and repairs done, and the cleaning team did a great job under his supervision, thank for your excellent work!

I hope you and your children enjoy this year at Hollickwood, I'm looking forward to sharing all of the terrific learning and growing that are ahead. Thank you all for your ongoing support for our school.


Friends of Hollickwood


Welcome back. The PTA is going to hold its first meeting on Friday the 21st of September at 7 at the school. Please do come along. We need your ideas, help, and enthusiasm! We all belong in this school, in this community, in this neighbourhood and we can all help to make it even better.




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Hugh Vivian



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Newsletter Issue 40

We have come to the final week of the school year. What a great year it has been, we have seen many wonderful performances, been on school trips, overnight stays and many workshops within the school. We have achieved excellent performance results in phonics, KS1 and KS2 SATs results. Received a number of awards for Healthy eating, Travel plans our latest award is Bronze in School Games. As a school we should all be extremely proud of ourselves for everyone’s success and dedication.


E—Safety Newsletter Summer

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Newsletter Issue 37



What a great week we have had, firstly children from Years 3,4,5 and 6 took part in a Science fair hosted by APS. Our fantastic scientists made Hollickwood very proud on Tuesday.

Not only have they designed amazing projects for the Science Fair but they were also confident to talk about their enquires and findings in front of the judges and teachers from six schools!

The day was filled with presentations of projects and practical investigations. The children made their own torches in a school lab. They

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Newsletter Issue 35


Our choir took part in the Barnet singing Festival this week at The Arts depot. They performed in front of hundreds. Despite being the smallest group we feel they made the biggest impact. A lovely evening for all involved. ( parents of the choir, we have given your child a letter to bring home if you wish to buy the DVD)


Brake kids Walk

On Wednesday 20th June we will be taking part in the Brake’s Kids Walk! The whole school will be walking 1 km, putting their best feet forward to promote road safety and

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Newsletter Issue 38

This Week Early years, KS1 and KS2 (but not year 6 yet) have taken part in their sports and fun day. Thank you to Miss Staff for organising the events and to all you who took part. We hear the parents are just as competitive as the children. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as the children did. Year 6 get their opportunity next Wednesday at 1.15pm

Reception and Year 1 took part in an oral health workshop this week. We hope they came home showing you the correct way to brush your teeth.


Hudnall Park—Year 4

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Newsletter Issue 36


Year 3 - trip on the Emirates Cable cars in Greenwich

Last Friday Year 3 experienced a Thames river crossing using the Emirates Cable car. They crossed the river Thames between Greenwich peninsula and the royal docks. They made the most of the beautiful weather and had fun in the nearby park.


Reception class café

The class café raised £66.66p last week thank you to all of you for helping to raise this. All money raised from class café’s goes towards, trips and resources for each year group.


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Newsletter Issue 34


This week Years 3,4 and 5 took part in Aspire London Youth Choir’s Big sing at the Watford Colosseum. They all did amazingly well and we hope the parents that came to see the performance enjoyed it.

Year 6 have gone off to enjoy this week in the Isle of Wight. From the updates we have been receiving they are having a fabulous time and the sun is shining for them–
We will share some of their adventures next week.


Job opportunity

Our cleaning company are currently recruiting for cleaning staff. If you are

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