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Newsletter 25th April 2014

Welcome back to school after the Spring break. I hope you all a pleasant couple of weeks and that the children are raring to go for what promises to be a busy and exciting summer term.


Easter School

Some children in year 6 came to additional classes over the break . They practised their skills in English and Maths and enjoyed their learning. I would like to thank them and their parents for their hard work and support.


The Hollickwood Code

At the end of the Spring term, School Council and Zuzana, our Learning Mentor, spent time looking at the school rules and decided to refresh them. They brought ideas from each class, looked at rules at other schools and added some of their own. We then took this list and distilled it down into the 'Hollickwood Code', which says

  • Respect - yourself, others, our environment
  • Take care - of yourself and others
  • Try your best - at everything

We think our new rules are easy to remember and will help remind us of the right thing to do.


Runner Bean - The Museum of Childhood

Runner Beans have been learning about the history of toys and objects found within homes in the past and present. They have also created stories around the topic of toys. On Tuesday next week they will be visiting the Museum of Childhood.


SATs week for Cactus class

Key Stage 2 statutory tests take place during the week beginning Monday 12th May. The children must be in school for these. We are offering a free Hollickwood breakfast at Breakfast Club to year 6 children during this week so they can arrive nice and early! Please let us know immediately if you foresee any issues with your child's attendance during this week, thanks.


Hugh Vivian


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Newsletter 4th April 2014

It has been a fantastic term at Hollickwood, children have worked really hard and there has been lots of brilliant learning going on. It was great to see so many parents attending Ocean Maths and Come to School Week sessions, and so many of you are active in school life. Staff have worked very hard and are all committed to the on-going improvement of our school. We hope you all have a great break and look forward to seeing you all in the summer term. Thank you for your support.


Term time absence

Just to

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Newsletter 28th March 2014

Onesie Wednesday

Our school is joining in celebrating World Autism Awareness day on Wednesday 2nd April. This will be a non-school uniform day and pupils can wear onesies or pyjamas in return for a donation of £1. Raised funds will go to National Autistic Society.


Drumming Concert Thursday 3rd April

In January all KS2 children started djembe lessons and they have an opportunity to show parents and carers what they have learned so far. The concert will take place on Thursday morning at 11am. All parents and

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Newsletter 21th March 2014

School Closed - National Union of Teachers Strike action - Wednesday 26th March

Due to industrial action by the National Union of Teachers, school will be closed. There will be no Breakfast or After School clubs. The Nursery will be open as usual.


Parent and Carer Come to School Week

Thank you very much to all of you who were able to re-arrange your schedules to spend time with us in school this week, I hope you found the experience interesting and enjoyable. Thanks also for your feedback, you can read some

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Hollickwood's Young Gardeners

On Tuesday the Nursery and Reception children planted wheat in the newly dug bed, by the greenhouse. The children, in both classes, spent the week learning about how wheat grows from grain to wheat, is harvested and turned into flour for baking. They read the story of the Little Red Hen, watched film footage of wheat being harvested, baked bread and other activities which captured their interest. It was lovely to link our indoor learning with a real experience in the outdoor area. Please enjoy watching our wheat

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London Marathon 2014

Miss Rees will run the London Marathon on 13th April and is holding a fundraising fair for ‘ORBIS saving sight worldwide’ on Friday 28th March at 3:20pm in the school playground. There will be cakes, games face painting and you will get the chance to throw sponge at some of your teachers! 

Come, join the fun and support this good cause.

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Important News - The school will be closed

Scarlet Fever

Dear Parents / Carers 

Wednesday 26th March - Due to industrial action by the National Union of Teachers, school will be closed.
There will be no Breakfast or After School clubs.
The Nursery will be open as usual.

Hugh Vivian
Head Teacher

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