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Newsletter Issue 19

Word of the day

To support the children with developing and extending their vocabulary we have a 'word of the day,’ for every day of the school week. Children in years 1 to 6 spend time discussing the words, its synonyms and etymology each day. Please try to help your children by discussing these new words with them on a daily basis in order to enhance and increase their vocabulary.

This week's words were:

  • sluggish
  • astute
  • withered
  • desperate
  • unpalatable

Latest Football Report

Excellent news from our young lions and lionesses. On Tuesday 28th January, the mixed team progressed to the semi finals of the Challenge Cup with a fabulous 4-1 victory over St Pauls School.

By all accounts the team played an excellent match with Mariglen, Oscar, Tate and Stella all finding the back of the net. Well done team!

Musician of the Week

This week the musician of the week was Clara Schumann, who was a German pianist, composer and piano teacher. Regarded as one of the most distinguished pianists of the Romantic era, she exerted her influence over a 61-year concert career, changing the format and repertoire of the piano recital from displays of virtuosity to programs of serious works

Linden and Tim go to prison!

It was last Saturday that the school gardeners found themselves on the way to Wormwood Scrubs Prison. They both did not want to go but they had to, they had been ‘sentenced’ by e-mail.

The very name ‘Scrubs’ chilled their rapidly beating hearts. Seated close together and hemmed in by seat restraints they were at the mercy of the ominous named Satnav.

The traffic was heavy, making the journey all the more nerve wracking, after what seemed an age but it was only 45minutes before the prison came into sight through the small, low, narrow window.

The prison towers and huge wall could not prevent the row upon row of square, dark, barred windows from setting hands to tremble. The blank faced, emotionless guard, reading from a clip-board informed them where they must proceed.

Dozens of notices warned of:

‘Search procedures’, ‘Visiting Times’ and ‘Drug Dogs’, No Sharps’.

Following strictly between the coloured lines painted on road, with trepidation they entered the low, heavily bricked entrance to be ‘Processed’. Linden managed to find her voice and spoke for the first time since arriving gave their names another ‘official’ without looking up silently consulted a black folder, “You’re not registered, and not on the list”. Linden and Tim could not believe it, the awful journey the terrible building, full of ‘others’ the notices and guards, and they didn’t have to be here at all!

“But I’ll take your names now you’re here.” The colour drained from their faces, looking at each other with dread. “Fill in these forms with all of your details, both of you.” They were led to a small, low table and given a blunt pen each. With shaking fingers they completed the three forms needed to gain access and freedom to the outside. The same ‘official’ diligently read through their answers, and stated that it was “okay now”.

The sun had just poked through the dark clouds as they made their way ‘outside’ to join a close formed line to be watched and noted as they selected……….

The free garden tools that the prisoners had refurbished is going to be used by our children for the school gardens!

We received twenty one assorted garden tools spade, forks, hoes and cutters along with a splendid large planter.

Hugh Vivian

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