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Newsletter Issue 17

Ragged School Museum

Last Friday, Year 5 visited The Ragged School museum in Mile End, which was once the largest “ragged” or free school in London.

The children took part in a lesson taught by the formidable Miss Perkins in an original and distinctive Victorian Classroom. The children were transported back to the 1880s and experienced first-hand what Victorian schooling was really like!

Miss Perkins was strict! The children could not speak unless spoken to and had to follow her instructions very carefully. After the lesson, ‘Miss Perkins’ transformed back to Sally, who was very nice indeed. She told us all about the punishments Victorian children endured such as the back straightener, finger cuffs and the dunce hat!

It was an amazing opportunity to experience History and made us think about the poor children of the times and those now who still do not have access to an education. If you are interested in the history, you can take part and become a ragged School child at the museum on the first Sunday of every month!

Institute of Imagination

This week years 3, 5 and 6 took part in workshops run by the Institute of Imagination. These included creative coding and digital storytelling. The children loved it (and so did the adults!). They had the opportunity to really let their imaginations flow and thinking outside the box whist learning some new computing skills. A big thank you to Miss O’Brien for organising these fun events.

If you are interesting in taking part, there will be an Imagination Hub Family Day at South Friern Library on Saturday 18th January between 2-5pm.Children must be accompanied by an adult. You can drop in at any time!

 Writing Workshop


Hugh Vivian

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