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Newsletter Issue 30

Marathon Man

Last term Year Two wrote letters to Ed Tytherleigh our Chair of Governors to thank him for running the London Marathon to raise money for the Hollickwood School Arts Fund and to wish him luck.

On Thursday Ed visited Year Two to tell them all about his amazing adventure and to show them his medal.

Ed has raised £1,200 so far ……. If you would like to donate something towards his efforts you can leave any donations at the school office.

THANKS ED ! You are a Hollickwood Superstar !



Friends of Hollickwood

Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Hollickwood school,

I’m writing to you on behalf of the PTA / Friends of Hollickwood school in order to ask for your help in arranging our school’s summer fair. The summer fair will take place on Saturday the 6th of July 12:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. It’s very important to support our school through the summer fair because all the money raised will be used in order to improve our school facilities and further our children’s way to knowledge and education.

How you can help:

*By coming to the fair and by asking your friends and neighbours to come and support our school.

*By spreading the word about our summer fair.

*By donating your time and volunteering to help run a stall during the summer fair.

*By putting up an advertising board outside your property. Greene & Co estate agents very kindly decided to support our school by donating £500. We have to offer 50 properties where they can put up their boards, stating that they support our school and our summer fair. If you or your friends or neighbours own or rent a property in the local area and would be willing to help, please provide us with your address and an agents’ board will be put up outside your home.

*By donating goods, that are in a good condition and preferably in their original boxes to be used for our hampers, tombola and raffle prizes. The better the prizes the more the money that we could raise.

*By asking people who you know, work with, shop with or do businesses with to support our summer fair by donating prizes for our raffle, tombola, hampers etc.

Keep in mind that all the money we raise is for our children. Our children who deserve to be happier, more educated and more protected in order to stay in a school community that makes them feel safe and comfortable.

Please contact your children’s teacher, or class rep or me (Anna Dalla, Theodore’s, year 4 and Alexandro’s, year 1 mum) if you have any ideas or are willing to help.

Yours sincerely


The PTA of Hollickwood school

Follow the friends at of Hollickwood


 Year 5 trip to Epping Forest

On Wednesday the 8th of May the Year 5 children, staff and Seren's mum boarded a coach to head for Epping Forest.

When we got there we were met by our educational guides, Kate and Abbi, who were absolutely great. They inspired us to be very motivated with our orienteering.....despite the very wet weather!

First of all we had to place historical events in the correct order on a time line. Every group managed to do this accurately. Well done Benjamin Zephaniah class , super historians!

After that we were given a coordinates map showing points that we had to find by orienteering, using navigational skills and a map to find seven places.

These seven places were all linked to a period of history and we had to work out which era from given clues!

Finally, we entered the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge built by King Henry VIII during his reign.

Year 5 had a wonderful time at the 'banquet' and stroking the stuffed deer........Ms. Preston opted to observe from a distance, but Lisa tucked into the pheasant pie!

As we headed back to school the sun came out ........never mind year five didn’t let a drop of rain dampen their spirits!


Hugh Vivian


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