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Newsletter Issue 29

The children in Nursery and Reception did a fantastic job helping to paint the sand pit this week. We hope you are impressed with the final result!

It is now ready to fill with fresh sand for the summer!

'URGENT REQUEST! We need help filling the sandpit and would greatly appreciate any donations of bags of play sand. ( e.g. from Smyths ) Many thanks.'

GoBubble allows children to take advantage of the best bits of social media without any of the negative aspects.


GoBubble and was created with younger children in mind specifically from the age of seven. The aim of the app is to give parents and teachers the tools to deal with the growing trend of children using social media platforms and get them ready to use them safely when they’re old enough.

It allows children to chat online with school friends, share jokes, pictures or videos. It also teaches children how to write a blog which gives their writing a new purpose.


GoBubble puts an end to unwanted friend requests, dubious content and the potential for cyber-bullying.

All posts are automatically moderated through the system’s safety features, ensuring any inappropriate video, images, text, audio or emojis, are removed before going live.

The app promotes all the fun of social media but aims to keep out the bad bits by doing the following:

  • Verifying every user
  • Making sure each user can only talk to someone in the same year group
  • Moderating all content
  • Banning bad language, bullying and inappropriate images
  • Requiring parental consent for children who have an account
  • Hosting the content on a dedicated secure server in the UK
  • Carrying out security checks prior to schools being set up with account

What next

Sign your GoBubble form and return to the school office or Miss O’Brien. Then log in at home and give your parental consent. If you have any further questions please see Miss O’Brien to discuss.

 Please help our gardeners!

Saturday 11th May, 2-6pm

The children are working so hard with their gardening, but need help with some special jobs:

  • Painting
  • Weeding
  • Planting
  • Wild Flower Meadow
  • DIY

Children welcome with their grown-ups.

Thank you!


More children are wanting to garden at lunchtimes than we can manage with our existing helpers - any parents willing to offer an hour to help would be very much appreciated.

We also require any plastic bottles to be donated so that our gardeners can use them.

On Friday last week Year One became plant detectives during their trip to Parliament Hill. They enjoyed learning about the structure of a plant and investigating the grounds of Hampstead Heath.

On Friday this week Year One visited Grace Church. They learnt the names and features of different objects in the church and why they are important to Christians. We would like to thank Lucy (Ethan's mum) and Minister Philip for all their hard work and help during the session!


Back by popular demand!! To celebrate HART’s birthday month, we are offering three sessions for only £15. Starting on Saturday 11th May to Saturday 25th May. For further information, please contact Mr Singh on :

Mob : 07407 374449 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mr Singh also provides the following After School Club activities:

  • Tuesday-Lego club -£35
  • Wednesday-Multi Sports - £35
  • Thursday- Kung Fu - £35
  • Thursday- Art Club -£35
  • Friday-Dance Club - £35

Price for 5 weeks Clubs start between 3:20 to 3:30 pm

And finally …………….. See you back in school on Tuesday 7th May at 8:50 am. Enjoy the Bank Holiday Monday.

Hugh Vivian


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