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Newsletter Issue 18


We are very excited to take part in The Big Battery Hunt - a nationwide campaign to help inspire young people to recycle more batteries.

Each child's received a collection box and we would like them to fill the boxes in with used batteries. This will offer our school a chance of winning one of the amazing prizes:

  • 2-night class trip to the Sustainability Centre
  • A 3-year subscription to My Maths
  • £2,000 worth of school equipment vouchers
  • Fingers crossed! Keep collecting used batteries and bring the boxes back to school. Did you know that…..

Each year in the UK we throw away around 600 million batteries?

  • Most batteries are put into rubbish bins and then taken to landfill sites. There are different types of batteries which can contain dangerous chemicals including: lead,cadmium, zinc, lithium and even mercury.
  • When batteries begin to rot away in landfill sites these chemicals may leak into the ground, which can cause soil and water pollution. When chemicals contaminate soil and water animals, humans and the environment can be harmed.
  • Recycling is a great way to help protect the environment. Each battery placed in a recycling bin will be taken apart and the materials will be used to make something new.

Tuesday 22nd January

We experienced the first snowfall of the Academic Term. The kids really enjoyed themselves in the snow as you can see from the pictures below. Some interesting facts about snow:

When the air temperature at the ground is less than 32 F, the precipitation begins falling as snow from the clouds. Since it is falling into cold air, the snow does not melt on the way down and reaches the ground as snow. Snowflakes are not the only form of snow. Snow can also precipitate as snow pellets or sleet It's a myth that no two snowflakes are exactly the same.


On Tuesday afternoon 8 children from KS1 attended the Science Fair at Our Ladies of Muswell Hill . Our budding scientists enjoyed showing off their animals they invented as part of their Science homework. They were all able to explain how their animal had been adapted for a Winter habitat.

Hollickwood Young Gardeners

Happy New Year to all our young gardeners at Hollickwood. The Young Gardeners have kicked off the New Year by moving 1 square metre of compost which is (Drum Roll) between 1200 – 1700 Kilogram’s !!!!! in two lunchtimes, a massive effort from the children, notably Melody and Polly from Year 1, Abdullah, Imad, Zara and Raphael among many others.

The two smaller wheelbarrows do not carry much but numerous trips from the car park right across the playground in full swing at lunch time showed really great skill from the younger ones, so much so that we have developed a junior wheelbarrow licence test for years 1, 2 & 3. Beginning soon.

The 100’s of spring bulbs that were planted in autumn have shown their heads above the soil and are doing splendidly. Have a look.

Football and Netball News

Our boys team played away against Tudor School on Monday. They lost 3-1 but played the game in a good spirit despite the bitter cold. On Tuesday our girls team welcomed Holly Park School. Our visitors were very good and ran out winners 9-0. The game was played amidst falling snow, it was cold and damp so well done to the girls for making a good game of it.


Hugh Vivian


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