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Newsletter Issue 17

Science Leading The Way

 Hollickwood Primary is very proud to inform you that we have appointed Science Ambassadors in the school.

The chosen few have been successfully teaching other children about magnets this week and helping the teachers to prepare their teaching resources.

Fantastic job! Keep it up!

If any of you are in possession of any unwanted science games, books, etc. our Science Ambassadors would be happy to use them.

Please leave the donations in the office. 


The police will be visiting the school on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th Jan. They will be discussing a variety of topics which include:

1. Who keeps you safe?

2. Parts of Police uniform

3. Recap of ‘Magic Four’ or Stranger Danger

4. “ Being safe from bullies”

5. Being arrested - rules, laws and punishments.

6. Age of arrest - how Police Stations and youth courts deal with young People

7. Offensive weapons

Football Matches

21st January -The boys team (Yrs 5 and 6 ) are playing away at Tudor School

22nd January -The girls team (Yrs 5 & 6 ) are playing at home against Holly Park


Hugh Vivian


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