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Newsletter Issue 13

Our World of Atoms
Y4 had a fantastic opportunity to be inspired, and explore their curiosity about the wonderful and wonderous world we live in. They spent the day with  scientists and learnt about atoms. The children used their imagination to look at the microscopic world and observe how it influences our more familiar world.  The day was filled with enquiries, investigations, art activities and  ended with  'The electron dance'. Some of the facts from the day: 

 *The world is made of tiny atoms. 

* All atoms are made of tiny particles called electrons and protons. 

* When we put energy into musical instruments they vibrate and make  particular musical notes. When we put energy into atoms they also vibrate, but instead of sound they make notes of light.


  • 10/12 Pathway Christian Assembly 2.45pm
  • 12/12 School Xmas Dinner
  • 13/12 Nursery,Reception and Infant Christmas Show at 2pm.
  • 13/12 Year 4 All day trip to the  British Museum.
  • 14/12 Nursery,Reception and Infant Christmas Show at 9.30am
  • 14/12 KS2 Choir at The Sunshine Garden Centre 18/12 KS2 Winter Concert at  2pm.
  • 19/12 Year 5 trip to the Royal  Observatory 19/12 KS2 Winter Concert 6pm
  • 20/12 Whole school trip to  Alexandra Palace Theatre for Horrible Christmas. Rec-Yr6
  • 20/12 Last day of term for Nursery. Closes today for Xmas holidays
  • 21/12 School closes at 1.30pm for Xmas holidays
  • 8/1/19 BACK TO SCHOOL IN 2019


The student  of  the week  this week was Ioana from Year 3.

A very well done and keep up the good work . 


 Congratulations to the winners of the Maths Hatters Competition: 

  • Zander (Nursery)
  • Bryn (Eric Carle)
  • Sebastian (Oliver Jeffers)
  • Ariane (Mini Grey)
  • Ioana (Roald Dahl)
  • Leon (The Grimms)
  • Alemin (Benjamin Zephaniah)
  • and Gabi (Shakespeare).

Each class enjoyed a ‘no-pens’ lesson, where the children had to show their understanding using resources, drawings or song!

Hugh Vivian


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