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Newsletter Issue 40

We have come to the final week of the school year. What a great year it has been, we have seen many wonderful performances, been on school trips, overnight stays and many workshops within the school. We have achieved excellent performance results in phonics, KS1 and KS2 SATs results. Received a number of awards for Healthy eating, Travel plans our latest award is Bronze in School Games. As a school we should all be extremely proud of ourselves for everyone’s success and dedication.


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Last Friday year 1 visited ZSL London Zoo, as part of their Work on African animals they looked at animal senses.

Year 1 had an exciting end of year treat on Wednesday they started their day at the London transport Museum and ended it at the Lyceum theatre watching the Lion King with Ice cream.

Last week, Year 5 continued their Computing Coding lessons, this time focusing on Semaphore! This type of coding involves using flags to send encrypted messages. They are communicated by breaking them down into individual letters and sending each letter over line-of-sight distances by using a simple flag code. Year 5 made their ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ flags and then worked in pairs; encrypting and de-crypting their secret codes!


Nursery, Reception, Year 3 and Year 4 trip to Southend

On Friday 13th July we went on a lovely trip to the seaside. After a long and eventful journey, we all arrived safely at Chalkwell in Southend. We were excited to be one of the first people on the coach to spot the sea and, as soon as we got off, began to play with the sand, look for the sea shells, catch jelly fish and make sandcastles. The tide was in so we didn't have to walk far for a swim. Our teachers were very proud of our behaviour and how safe we kept each other on the beach. Year 3 was thrilled to see Miss Davidson who joined us for the day. Thank you to all involved for making this trip a real success.

Did you know that...

Tides are the rise and fall of the levels of the ocean. They are caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon as well as the rotation of the Earth. Tides cycle as the Moon rotates around the Earth and as the position of the Sun changes. Throughout the day the sea level is constantly rising or falling.


Year 2 Lincolnsfield

Year 2 had a fantastic but very hot couple of days at Lincolns field Chilldren’s Centre. We built bonfires, searched for minibeasts, went to Funworld, visited the farm and had lots and lots of laughs.


Year 6 leavers

The time has come to say goodbye and good luck for the future to our fabulous Shakespeare class. They gave a great performance for the school and parents to enjoy of the Pirates of the Curried Bean. They have been bowling and had a BBQ this week to mark the end of their time at Hollickwood and will begin their new educational journey.

Goodbye to… Kane, Emila, Philip, Blessing, Joshua, Matthew, Yusra, Enada, Jacyline, Mila, Dorottya, Nam, Vera, Aleksa, Piotr, Bushra, Intisar, Amer, Dylan, Miski, Muna, Bahja, Gloria, T’Ana, Mooi, Shania, Samuel, Lily and Karina.

We also say goodbye to Angela who has been with us for 12 years, Mrs Sharma year 4 teacher and Loretta in After school club. We wish you all well.


100 % Attendance awards

The children named below have attended every session from September 2017 to date. This is fabulous well done please do continue next term. Stina, Eloise, Precious G, Hannah, Owen, Louisa, Elizabeth and Blessing.


Camp at Hollickwood during the holidays 4-12 years

Week 1 - Monday 23rd - Friday 27th July

Week 2 - Monday 30th - Friday 3rd Aug

Week 3 - Monday 6th - Friday 10th Aug

Week 4 - Monday 13th - Friday 17th Aug

Themed days: Nature Survival Day / horse riding and groom day / Big Bouncy Fun day / Park Trips / Mead Open Farm (by coach) / Water Fight day / Camp Disco!

For more info contact the team on 07510149307 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


On Monday 16th July, Year 5 went to visit the Regents Park Mosque ( Islamic Cultural Centre). It was an amazing visit and we all really enjoyed consolidating our learning about Islam.

Peter, who led the visit, told us that he sees approximately 21,000 children every year but Benjamin Zephaniah Class impressed him the most; with their "Good manners and knowledge of Islam!" Well done Year 5 - I was very proud of you! Our visit ended with a picnic in the park, and of course, the playground!


Ice time

On Thursday afternoon all the children received a delicious ice cream from an ice cream van as a reward for meeting our whole school attendance target of 96% for the year. The children were delighted when they saw the bright pink van drive into the playground and even more excited when they heard the chimes ring! Well done everyone and keep coming to school every day next year.


Friends of Hollickwood


The Hollickwood Happy Hedge is underway!

Last year we raised over £3000 for our school exterior - thanks to all of you, here is some of what we’ve achieved. With the help of the staff & community the frogs are now officially saved. You can go and visit them in the new pond in the wild garden Have you seen how the garden club has blossomed? With new materials, seeds and community support we’re now stronger than ever. Our own resident carpenter Jim has built sturdy covers for our previous plants and Tim has brought imaginative flair to our gardens.

This autumn we will complete our exciting Happy Hedge and sort all the little bits & pieces of the project left together.

Have a lovely summer Hollickwooders and thank you for every helping hand.



Hugh Vivian



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