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Newsletter Issue 35


Our choir took part in the Barnet singing Festival this week at The Arts depot. They performed in front of hundreds. Despite being the smallest group we feel they made the biggest impact. A lovely evening for all involved. ( parents of the choir, we have given your child a letter to bring home if you wish to buy the DVD)


Brake kids Walk

On Wednesday 20th June we will be taking part in the Brake’s Kids Walk! The whole school will be walking 1 km, putting their best feet forward to promote road safety and the health and planet-saving benefits of walking. We will be walking around the playground in a crocodile formation and holding hands to promote the importance of kids being able to walk without fear or threat from traffic.


Year 1 Phonics

Well done to  year 1 for doing  super reading for the phonics screening they have taken part in this week. 


Friends of Hollickwood


Bags2School being collected on 25th June at 9.00am - please fill them and return to the school office.

Reminder to bring in Jars filled with wrapped sweets to the office.

Donations of Nail varnishes are also required.

29th June will be a non school uniform day in return for tombola prizes.



Fostering Coffee Morning

On Friday 22nd June at 9.00am we have a Coffee morning hosted by Barnet care team. Come along to a familiar setting, there will be a Barnet foster Carer who can talk to you about fostering, the reality, the myths and the rewards of helping a child in need.

We will have some literature about fostering to share with you too.

Key Information:

Did you know that currently Barnet have 320 children in care? They range in age from 0-18 years old.

We endeavour to keep all our children within the Borough, unfortunately this isn’t always possible.

Keeping links with your local area, is important for a child, their growth and development.

Have you and your family ever considered fostering?

Could you provide a child/ren a safe, loving home?

Could you keep siblings together?

Could you support Children/Young People with complex needs?

Whether you are currently interested or this could be a consideration for the future, we would welcome you all. What you need to bring yourself and an open mind.


Year 6 School Journey - Isle of Wight

Mrs Johnston, Miss Moore and Lisa accompanied our year 6 class to the Isle of Wight for 5 days of adventures, challenges and fun. Everyone has a greed it was an excellent trip.
Mrs Johnston was told by the Kingswood staff that all the instructors who worked with our children absolutely loved their time with them. They commented on how engaged they were with the activities and a pleasure to share the experience with them. Needless to say this made Mrs J extremely proud.

Kingswood staff commented on how well behaved the whole group were and they could see the bonds and friendships that this year group have formed.

Miss Moore has said she could see the over whelming sense of achievement some of the children felt when they had overcome their fears when trying new challenges.


Hugh Vivian



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