Date: Saturday 11th July, from 2.30pm

Cost: £10 per family, including breakfast



- Camp on the field or join us for the afternoon (free)

- Bring picnic food to share - and watertoys if it’s hot!

- Toast marshmallows around the campfire

- Barbecue food and bar drinks on sale

- Book at the office - please pay in advance


Pitch your tent from 2.30pm onwards, gates will close at 10pm.

Camping may be postponed in the event of heavy rain!



Tulip and Rose trip

Tulip and Rose classes went to Golders Hill Park on Monday. Tulips took part in orienteering workshop, learnt how to read a map and use a compass. Rose class attended animal workshop and tested their knowledge in a mini quiz.


Volunteer needed

The Governing Body of the school would like to co-opt someone to help with our canteen build project. As you will recall, we are going to have a new canteen. This project has reached a very interesting stage, with Barnet Council giving us


Volunteer needed

The Governing Body of the school would like to co-opt someone to help with our canteen build project. As you will recall, we are going to have a new canteen. This project has reached a very interesting stage, with Barnet Council giving us assurances on funding that mean we can explore ways of delivering a new building that will really meet the school's needs. We want to address some of the issues with the learning environment that we currently manage. This is a very exciting opportunity for


Class Photos

Please note that the date for the class photos has changed. The photos will be taken on Monday 22nd June. Please send your children to school in their full school uniform.


Science Week

Science week will take place next week. On Friday there will be a science fair after school where parents and carers will have an opportunity to see what we have been learning about. Please remind the children to finish their projects and hand them to their class teacher by Friday morning.


Cactus Class



Over the next two weeks Year 2 will be taking their KS1 SATs. These will be introduced as challenges and some will be carried out in small groups to ensure a relaxed and fun approach.


Imperial College Experience

Five pupils from Chilli class had an amazing STEM day at Imperial College learning all about Astronomy! Khadeejah, Rosa, Hanan, Tomas and Ashraf took part in a workshop run by Scott Marley ( where they made a Planisphere and controlled a telescope all the way in Tenerife


Walk to school week

Thank you to all of the children and staff who took part in Walk to school week and walk to work week!

Well done to Nursery and Year one for recording the most walks and winning our class competition and to Miss O'Brian (Tilly) for winning the staff steps competition! Keep it up!


Art week / parent come to school week

All classes looked at the range of artists and did some lovely art work. We invited parents to join the art lessons to see how art is taught. Thank you to all the parents


Be the Best you can Be!

We had a visit from the wonderful Hannah Beharry this week. Hannah found school difficult but found a sport that she was really good at – boxing. She shared her story with us, telling us how, through her dedication and hard work, she reached the top of the sport – eight time British champion and a European medalist, ranked number 3 in the world. She missed out on London 2012 – Nicole Adams took her place – through injury. She was truly inspirational!


Cycling Training

Some of the


In July 2013, Barnet Council published its ‘Education Strategy for Barnet’ which provides a framework for partnership working between the Council and all state-funded schools in Barnet.  The new approach to school improvement focuses on those aspects of the education strategy that relate most directly to school improvement. It faces up to the key challenges faced by the education service and schools in Barnet and proposes practical measures to develop the more autonomous and self-improving schools system to


Key Stage 2 SATs

Cactus class have had a busy week with their Statutory Tests. They have worked really hard to prepare and have all done their best this week and we are very proud of them! They are really showing that they are ready for the challenges of secondary school. I would like to thank Mrs Johnston, Chloe and all of the staff team that have supported Cactus class this week.


Cycling Training

Cycling training will take place next week. Level 1 training for year 4, 5 and 6 will be on Monday and


SATs next week

Next week is the official SATs week for year 6. Cactus class have worked really hard and are well prepared. Please make sure that children have early nights, healthy breakfasts and are at school on time. All year 6 pupils are welcome to join the breakfast club for free on the exam days.


Bee Hive Inspections

We will be starting our regular bee hive inspections from Monday 12th May at 6.30pm.

These will be at the school canteen - and access will be via the large green metal gate behind the


Road Safety Workshop

Box Clever Theatre came to perform a fun, interactive production highlighting road safety. It covered responsible and safe travel to school and stressed the benefits of sustainable transport. Tulips and Roses really enjoyed it and hopefully this has reminded them how important it is to be vigilant when on the road.


Pizza Making

Sunflower class have been busy during our ‘Pizza week’. On Tuesday during Maths we shared a pizza and learnt about halves, quarters and eighths. On Thursday we