Art Week

All the children were using their imagination, tried out lots of new techniques and created some brilliant art work last week. You will be able to see their pieces in the school corridors.


Allianz Park Athletics Wed 18th June

A number of Ks2 pupils competed in the Barnet Small Schools Athletics Championships on Wednesday 18th June. Children made a great effort and as a team finished in 3rd place in two categories – Small Schools Girls Relay and Small Schools A Trophy. Well done!


Chilli Arts Depot Choir Performance

Y5 performed in the Barnet School Music Festival last night. It was a fantastic event. Many thanks to all the parents and families who came to support.

Allianz Park Athletics Wed 18th June

A number of Ks2 pupils will compete at Allianz Park in the Barnet Small Schools Athletics Championships on Wednesday 18th June. Parents and carers are welcome to come along to support our school.


Chilli Arts Depot Choir Performance

Chilli class will perform at the Arts Depot on Thursday 19th June at 7pm. Letters with all the information regarding this event have been sent home this week.



The children have all done lots of gardening this spring. Everything

We held a second session of Ocean Maths workshop today.

The workshop involves mathematical activities, games and puzzles to be shared and solved by the child and the parent together. The activities make learning maths fun, both for the children and their parents.

The essence of the project is the sharing. The child feels supported and parent feels involved.

Welcome back

We would like to welcome Mrs Kasamias back who returned from maternity leave last Monday. She has re-joined our Early Years term on a part-time basis.


Tulips cinema

Tulips went to the Cinema yesterday to see the Viking movie which they really enjoyed. Thank you to all the parents who helped to organise Tulip’s after school café as this subsidised the school trip.


Non- school uniform day Fri 13th June

On Friday 13th June will be a non-school uniform. Children can wear their casual clothes in

Help! My school trip is magic

Roses and Chillies will be featuring in Episode 6 of the new series of Help! My School Trip is Magic. The series airs on CBBC on Wednesdays at 17:25. Hollickwood School will feature on the 28th May. We hope you will enjoy watching the show!


Cactus School Journey

Cactus class will be going to Isle of Wight on Monday 2nd June for five days. We will be sending text updates to Year 6 parents to let them know how the children are doing.


Cactus car wash

Cactus class are

Cactus class SATs

Congratulations to Cactus class, they have completed their statutory assessment tests (SATs) this week. They have worked very hard, applied themselves very well and shown what a capable and responsible group of young people they are. Thank you to all year 6 parents and carers for supporting the children and the school with this. Results will be available in early July.


Cactus car wash

Cactus class are organising a car wash to help raise funds for their School Journey. Pay £5 and get your

SATs week for Cactus class

Key Stage 2 statutory tests take place next week. The children must be in school for these. We are offering a free Hollickwood breakfast at Breakfast Club to year 6 children during this week so they can arrive nice and early! Please let us know immediately if you foresee any issues with your child's attendance during this week.


Class Photos

The class photos will be taken on Wednesday 14th May. Please make sure that children are dressed in their full uniform.


Non-school uniform

Globe Players – The Play’s the Thing

To celebrate the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth The Globe Players came to perform ‘The Play’s the Thing’ to our KS1 and Ks2 pupils. All children really enjoyed the performance and this was the the perfect way for primary-age children to discover the fun of Shakespeare. Please keep bringing your contributions in to enable us to enhance children’s learning.


Zuzana Bielikova leaving

Sadly Zuzana is leaving our school next week. She is returning to her home

At the end of the Spring term, School Council and Zuzana, our Learning Mentor, spent time looking at the school rules and decided to refresh them. They brought ideas from each class, looked at rules at other schools and added some of their own. We then took this list and distilled it down into the 'Hollickwood Code', which says

Respect - yourself, others, our environment
Take care - of yourself and others
Try your best - at everything

We think our new rules are easy to remember and will help remind us of the right

Welcome back to school after the Spring break. I hope you all a pleasant couple of weeks and that the children are raring to go for what promises to be a busy and exciting summer term.


Easter School

Some children in year 6 came to additional classes over the break . They practised their skills in English and Maths and enjoyed their learning. I would like to thank them and their parents for their hard work and support.


The Hollickwood Code

At the end of the Spring term, School Council and Zuzana, our

It has been a fantastic term at Hollickwood, children have worked really hard and there has been lots of brilliant learning going on. It was great to see so many parents attending Ocean Maths and Come to School Week sessions, and so many of you are active in school life. Staff have worked very hard and are all committed to the on-going improvement of our school. We hope you all have a great break and look forward to seeing you all in the summer term. Thank you for your support.


Term time absence

Just to