Year 6

This week year 6 have taken mock SATs they have coped amazing well. We hope to this continues when they sit the actual tests later this term.

The Big Pedal

This week we have been taking part in the big pedal we do need a bit more of a push as we haven’t travelled as far as we had hoped. So If you Cycle or scoot to school for 2 days in a row we would like to invite you to a Biker’s breakfast at 8.30am on Thursday in the new room.

Ms Ramage

We are sorry to be saying goodbye to Ms Ramage today. Ms Ramage has only been with us for a short while as our schools Librarian but during her time here she has made a big impact, helping to introduce and set up the Accelerated reader programme, ran Rocket readers and transformed the Library. We do wish her well in her new role.

Well done

We would like to say a huge well done to two students who took their Piano exams recently. Both Students not only passed but with a merit. Mooi in year 6 passed her grade 3 and Amir Hossein in Year 1 passed his grade 1.


Friends of Hollickwood

Bag2School will be happening again so please do save your unwanted clothing for this. ( bags will be handed out next month)

29th June Non School uniform day for Tombola donations for the Summer fair. Please do keep collecting your glass jars and lids.

Thank you


Hollickwood Summer Fair. Saturday 7th July

Hello all!

At Hollickwood we are great at bringing everyone together to have fun, whilst we also fundraise for the school. This year, with your wonderful support, we have been able to repair the pond, improve and repair parts of the vegetable gardens and send the kids on school trips. We are also working on improving the entrance to the school.

The time has come again, to start getting ready for Hollickwood’s big event of the year – the Summer Fair! This event is organised by the parents of Hollickwood, so if you would like to help us in any way please do let the office know, we needs lots of helpers to run stalls and set up in the morning.

In preparation now for the Summer Fair we ask you to start donating the following items:

Unwanted toys
Unwanted Books
Unwanted DVDS
Glass Jars filled with sweets
Prizes for the Raffle.

Please leave all items with the office.

The more items we have, the more money we can raise for the school and the more fun we can have!

Thank you so much.
Friends of Hollickwood



Science is fun

Frogs absorb water through their skin so they don't need to drink. Frogs can lay as many as 4,000 eggs in frogspawn. The eyes and nose of a frog are on top of its head so it can breathe and see when most of its body is under the water. Frogs have long back legs and webbed feet for jumping and swimming

Year 5 went back to the nature garden on Tuesday to see what changes had occurred with our tadpoles. We discovered more froglets and, on closer observation of the tadpoles, spots had appeared! Some tadpoles were definitely larger than they were during our first visit. Perhaps we will see fins and stronger tails on the froglets soon! Let's see what life cycles stage we observe next week!

Benjamin Zephniah Class will keep you posted!



Please can we remind you not to park on the Zig zag’s outside of the school between 8.00am and 4.15pm the markings are there to keep your children safe whilst attending school. There has been a parking attendant making their presence known in the last few days, the school cannot overturn any penalty notices given.

We have also received a number of complaints from local residence about parents parking across their driveways during drop offs. Please be considerate and do not do this.

Alive & Kicking in Barnet

We have been asked to amend the email address which was sent out earlier in the week via email the response address if you wish to take part in the Free Alive & kicking events organised by London borough of Barnet. Please use: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. instead.



School Money system

Some parents are having trouble logging into for School. The system we use have updated their web details.
Your login details remain the same. Your mobile number, Your email address and the password provided (if you need us to re send this please see Emma in the office) and your child’s name.

The web address is

When the screen appears please use the blue sign in button in the top right hand corner.

This will give you a drop down menu. Please select the bottom option:
School money Parent Login

The screen that you are used to will then appear.

Please do ensure that all school meals are booked and paid for in advance (If you are Free school meals or your child has universal free school meals you must still book in - select to add them to your basket and save). Breakfast and After school club must also be booked 24 hours in advance on line. 

Hugh Vivian



For more information download the full newsletter in PDF format >>





Welcome back to the start of the Summer term. We’ve had a great start to the term.

Year 6 visited Churchill’s war rooms as they are studying WW1. The rooms are divided into two areas: the original Cabinet War Rooms, including the all-important Map Room, and the Churchill Museum, which chronicles the life and work of the revered wartime leader.

Road Safety Competition with the Junior Travel Ambassadors

The Junior travel ambassadors would like you to design a poster with at least 3 road safety facts and a


Year 1 Trip to Pizza express

Year One had so much fun during their marble treat to Pizza Express this week. They enjoyed learning to make their own pizzas and of course eating them! The trip even consolidated their learning of fractions by making topping choices in halves and quarters. Thank you Pizza express Muswell Hill.


Great news—healthy school awards

We have been awarded the Silver award by healthy schools London. Awards are for schools to recognise their achievements in supporting the health and


Science week 26th-29th March

There is lots happening at school next week.

Monday 26th March - The children will be learning about job roles based around Science. We are lucky enough to have a radiographer coming in to take an assembly for the children to learn all about X rays.

Easter egg hunt between 9am-12 noon 

Tuesday 27th Easter engineering challenge - all work produced will be displayed in the hall on Wednesday from 8.30am

We have a piano concert on Tuesday at 9.10am

Wednesday 28th - We are asking


Alexandra Palace Year 1 trip

Last Friday Year 1 enjoyed learning about our local area. The children found out what activities the Victorians liked to carry out at Alexandra palace and were surprised that many of them are still continued there today. For example The spectacular Firework display. Sadly to the children’s disappointment they no longer hold Monkey or goat shows.

Year 6 Maths

Year 6 have been investigating the volume of their classroom. They have constructed 1m3 cubes from straws and tape. They


Reminders—Early closures

Thursday 15th March Parents consultations Year 1,2,3,4 and 5 will finish at 1.30pm, Nursery Reception and Year 6 will remain in school until 3.20pm there will be no After school provisions on this day.
We break up for Easter on Thursday 29th March at 1.30pm ( Nursery’s last day will be Wednesday 28th March) All children return to school on Tuesday 17th April 2018.

Year 3

Fractions are not hard anymore :)

Inspired by the visit at La Porchetta, Year 3 made their own pizzas. The


What a week!

There’s so much to show you. Thank you all for making the extra effort to join in all activities this week despite the snowy “Beast from the east” making a grand entrance.

Tuesday - bedtime stories read by teachers and parents. We hope this helped to settle your children in time for bed.

Year 1 - had a visit from another beast also - The lonely beast. They have enjoyed sharing his story and are having a party for him today here are the biscuits they have made.


Wednesday - Reading breakfast


Welcome back, hope you all had a lovely half term break.



This week all children were given the opportunity to have a taster session with one of the coaches from Highgate Cricket club. The children all had great fun learning bat and ball skills. 

A reminder to ensure your child has an outdoor PE kit for this term. 

Year 6 have been working hard over the past few weeks in preparation for their SATs for next term and have had their Parent consultations this week. Keep up the hard work.

Years 2, 3


Varjak Paw

Year 4 have been reading Varjak Paw written by S.F.Said they have been looking at the city that Varjak visits. It has inspired our poems and wall displays.
Year 3 Fun at Museum of London “We enjoyed the trip because we had loads of learning about the Romans. We even went to the shop!” Sonny “The trip was amazing because I’ve seen the gold from the old times and the real shields.” Mario “Everything was outstanding! Especially the Roman London! It was remarkable!” Mawa Thank you to parents who helped




Year 1 have been busy writing their stories this week following on from their work created during the ‘writing open morning’ with parents on the subject from their Spring term home work. The work they have produced is amazing and some even using joint up writing.


Year 3 Artwork

Year 3 have been busy in art creating a fabulous display for our library. They have picked a favourite book and created silhouettes of the main characters and mounted them onto pages from the book itself. As you can see


Writing open mornings

Thank you to all of you who attended your child’s lesson - we had some great feedback and hope you all found this inspiring and gained an insight into what your children get up to during the day - You can clearly see it is not “Nothing!”

“What a lovely calm lesson, such a nice way to learn”

“A lovely way to teach children, and for parents to watch. Do it more often”

“It was a very good lesson and I found out something useful to help my child”

“The lesson was great and the teaching