Welcome back to the start of the Summer term. We’ve had a great start to the term.

Year 6 visited Churchill’s war rooms as they are studying WW1. The rooms are divided into two areas: the original Cabinet War Rooms, including the all-important Map Room, and the Churchill Museum, which chronicles the life and work of the revered wartime leader.

Road Safety Competition with the Junior Travel Ambassadors

The Junior travel ambassadors would like you to design a poster with at least 3 road safety facts and a picture– drawing. They are raising awareness of keeping safe whilst walking, scooting and riding near our roads. We would like you to be as imaginative as possible—use the internet for ideas but no copying. Closing date for all entries I has been extended to 27.04.2018. There will be a prize for posters from Early years, KS1 and KS2.


Friends of Hollickwood

Thank you to all of you who helped to transfer the frogs/ frogspawn to their new home, it was a success.

A reminder that tickets for The quiz night are on sale from the School office £5.00 per adult a crèche is also available £4.00 per child.


Hollickwood Summer Fair. Saturday 7th July

Hello all!

At Hollickwood we are great at bringing everyone together to have fun, whilst we also fundraise for the school. This year, with your wonderful support, we have been able to repair the pond, improve and repair parts of the vegetable gardens and send the kids on school trips. We are also working on improving the entrance to the school.

The time has come again, to start getting ready for Hollickwood’s big event of the year – the Summer Fair! This event is organised by the parents of Hollickwood, so if you would like to help us in any way please do let the office know, we needs lots of helpers to run stalls and set up in the morning.

In preparation now for the Summer Fair we ask you to start donating the following items:

Unwanted toys
Unwanted Books
Unwanted DVDS
Glass Jars filled with sweets
Prizes for the Raffle.

Please leave all items with the office.

The more items we have, the more money we can raise for the school and the more fun we can have!

Thank you so much.
Friends of Hollickwood


Benjamin Zephaniah class have been learning about life cycles in Science lessons.

The life cycle of a frog has five stages:

1. The female lays a mass of eggs which are fertilised by a male;
2. After 2- 25 days, the tadpole hatches from the egg. It swims, eats plants and breathes through gills.
3. The tadpole grows front legs and its tail shortens. It uses nutrients in its tail as food and also jumps out of the water onto land. This is called a froglet.
4. The tadpole grows fins and a stronger tail and develops lungs and hind legs.
5. The tail disappears and it starts to eat insects instead of plants. It takes 2-4 years to become an adult frog; when it can lay eggs.

Before the Easter holidays, we discovered frog spawn in the ponds in our school nature garden. (Stage 1 of the frog life cycle)

On Tuesday afternoon, we went back to the nature garden, and discovered so many tadpoles! (Stage 2 in the life cycle.)

We even found a froglet! (Stage 3 of the cycle)

Additionally, a fully-grown adult frog was spotted, sitting deep inside the pond! ( Stage 5)

We even used nets to lift them carefully from the pond and into containers, which contained pond water, so as not to disturb them too much from their natural environment. Using our observational skills, we drew the tadpoles, back in the classroom.

Some frogspawn was still in the pond so we drew that too; in order that we had recorded two stages of the life cycle.

Every week, we are going to go back to the nature garden to see if we can investigate the life cycles as they happen!


Football news

Our boys made a valiant effort against St Paul's but sadly lost out on a win. 7-1


The Big pedal challenge

The challenge runs from 23rd April to 4th May. It’s free to enter and we would love everyone to be involved.

The details
On each day of the challenge schools compete to see who can record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents cycling or scooting to school. Our best days will determine our final position in the challenge. We’ll be competing against other schools right across the UK, and if we clock up the most bike and scooter journeys we’ll win!

Why we’re taking part
It’s a great way to get more of our pupils travelling to school on their bikes and scooters. We will be competing to become one of the UK’s top schools for two-wheeled journeys and will be in with a chance to win prizes including bike and scooter stunt shows and fantastic cycle and scooter storage.

Cycle, scoot and snap to win family prizes
You and your family can also win prizes during Sustrans Big Pedal. Simply post a photo of you and your child cycling or scooting to school on social media during the challenge using #BigPedalWin. To be in with a chance of winning follow Sustrans on Instagram instagram.com/sustrans, Twitter twitter.com/sustrans or Facebook facebook.com/Sustrans

What’s next?
All you need to do is encourage your child(ren) to cycle or scoot to school every day during the event, and join them on their way – parent and sibling journeys count too! For more information about the event go to www.bigpedal.org.uk or see Mrs Turner-proud.

The map to show our progress is in the display board near to Sydney road entrance.

Did you know?...

There are around 200 different owl species. Owls are active at night (nocturnal). A group of owls is called a parliament. Owls have powerful talons (claws) which help them catch and kill prey. The whole school received a visit from The Owl Lady. They experienced a fabulous display and all received an opportunity to have their photo taken with an owl.



Hugh Vivian



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