Alexandra Palace Year 1 trip

Last Friday Year 1 enjoyed learning about our local area. The children found out what activities the Victorians liked to carry out at Alexandra palace and were surprised that many of them are still continued there today. For example The spectacular Firework display. Sadly to the children’s disappointment they no longer hold Monkey or goat shows.

Year 6 Maths

Year 6 have been investigating the volume of their classroom. They have constructed 1m3 cubes from straws and tape. They were able to estimate that the capacity was 210m3 .

Science is Fun!

Did you know?

The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation. White Chocolate isn't technically Chocolate, as it contains no cocoa solids or cocoa liquor. It takes approximately 400 cacao beans to make one pound (450 gr.) of chocolate.
Inspired by Professor Brian Cox, Year 4 investigated the optimum melting point for chocolate as part of their States of Matter Science unit.

Road Safety Competition with the Junior Travel Ambassadors

The Junior travel ambassadors would like you to design a poster with at least 3 road safety facts and a picture– drawing. They are raising awareness of keeping safe whilst walking, scooting and riding near our roads. We would like you to be as imaginative as possible—use the internet for ideas but no copying. Closing date for all entries is 18.04.2018. There will be a prize for posters from Early years, KS1 and KS2.


Football News

Unfortunately we were defeated this week against Danegrove 6-0 despite losing the team spirit was high. As you can see the fun they had during half time.


Consultation letter re proposed improvements

We hope you have received your letter regarding the proposed sale of part of the school site in order to fund the building of our new kitchen and hall. To make sure that everyone has had the chance to see it, we sent a copy out by email on Thursday and are putting it on the school's website. Please be aware that as the consultation is about the disposal of the land, rather than the design itself, the drawings do not show what will be built, rather they give an indication of what we would like to be able to do. It should also be noted that the proposed MUGA will not be positioned as shown in the letter, it will most likely be turned through 90 degrees and will cover where the current grass football pitch is.


4th Plinth competition

Last week Liga submitted all the entries by Hollickwood children to the 4th plinth competition, the selected ones can be now viewed on the online gallery: Fourth Plinth Schools Award 2018 gallery.


Year 5 Trip to London Zoo

On Tuesday, Benjamin Zephaniah Class enjoyed a wonderful visit to London Zoo! They witnessed the penguins having lunch, hippos in the hot tub, graceful giraffes munching on hay, gorillas playing, lions wondering who those excited children were and so much more!

In our Science workshop, we had to arrange the life cycles of a variety of animals from the animal kingdom. What surprised us was how soft the kangaroo skin was and the length and width the python skin!

Some of us bravely mingled amongst the spiders; crawling in the plants above our heads.........others refrained from this activity- no names mentioned!

Seeing so many exciting creatures up close was such a fantastic experience! However, the highlight for Jamie, Seth and co., was being in the exact spot where a part of Harry Potter was filmed- the Reptile House!


Friends of Hollickwood

Today we have planted the very last of the daffodil bulbs generously donated by Sunshine garden centre.

On 26th March we are holding an Easter egg hunt for the whole school and are looking for adult Easter bunnies to help out. Please let Emma know if you can help for the morning.

Thank you


Hugh Vivian



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