Welcome back, hope you all had a lovely half term break.



This week all children were given the opportunity to have a taster session with one of the coaches from Highgate Cricket club. The children all had great fun learning bat and ball skills. 

A reminder to ensure your child has an outdoor PE kit for this term. 

Year 6 have been working hard over the past few weeks in preparation for their SATs for next term and have had their Parent consultations this week. Keep up the hard work.

Years 2, 3 & 4 have all enjoyed trips this week. We will show you the fun they have had next week.

Football News Unfortunately we were defeated this week against St Johns in the girls football. Sadly we lost 6 nil.


Science at Hollickwood

Did you know?

The longest river in the world is the Nile River, it reaches around 6650 kilometers in length (4132 miles). More Nile River facts. The  second longest river in the world is the Amazon River, it reaches around 6400 kilometres in length (4000 miles)
Reception have been experimenting with the effect that liquid has with Gingerbread men. They have been reading ‘The Ginger-
bread man’ and wanted to see what would happen to him if he tried to cross the river? This then lead to them asking “What would happen if he went in the freezer?” As you can see they then looked at what happened with other liquids too. Needless to say not many wanted to eat them again afterwards.


Friends of Hollickwood


Gardening Club. Spring is coming.. We are getting ready by sowing seeds. Reception class has been busy making plant labels. As a reward they got to take home Beetroot and also decided to give some to Mr Vivian.


Hugh Vivian



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