Writing open mornings

Thank you to all of you who attended your child’s lesson - we had some great feedback and hope you all found this inspiring and gained an insight into what your children get up to during the day - You can clearly see it is not “Nothing!”

“What a lovely calm lesson, such a nice way to learn”

“A lovely way to teach children, and for parents to watch. Do it more often”

“It was a very good lesson and I found out something useful to help my child”

“The lesson was great and the teaching clearly excellent”


School Lunches

We will be on Week 1 (you can find the menus on our school website) of the dinner menu for W/c 29th January. Due to dinners being prepared off site may we remind you school dinners must be booked in, in advance using School Money. Even if you are Universal Free School Meals (KS1) and Free School Meals. Failure to book in will mean that there will be no hot dinner available.


Science at Hollickwood

Did you Know?

Gases are all around us, and most of them we don’t even know
are there; we can’t feel them and most of the time we can’t see them either.

The Grimms Class Year 4 have been experimenting this week. They have been investigating if gas has a weight? They took the weight of several popular fizzy drinks. They had fun shaking them vigorously. Afterwards they took the weight again to see how much carbon dioxide had escaped. There was a marked difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after weights.


Football News

Our Girls Team won on Tuesday 3-0 against Coppetts Wood. There were some rather good acrobatic celebrations that took place. Well done.

Netball News

Unfortunately we were defeated this week against Tudor, a valiant effort was put in by our players.


Friends of Hollickwood

Thanks everyone for coming to the meeting on Monday.

Sarah (Yr 5 mum) has kindly volunteered to organise another Quiz night for us - a date will be announced soon.

We were able to put a good plan together for the Summer fair (7th July), and we will continue to make announcements over the coming months.
Happy Hedge plans are underway, Diana is working with the Governors and the School.

Gardening Club with the help of Friends of Hollickwood have received a Level four certificate from Royal Horticultural Society. We have also been given over £100 worth of seeds to plant. This is a fantastic achievement. Please do encourage your children to watch the progress of the new seedlings once planted.



Hugh Vivian



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