Year 1 have been busy writing their stories this week following on from their work created during the ‘writing open morning’ with parents on the subject from their Spring term home work. The work they have produced is amazing and some even using joint up writing.


Year 3 Artwork

Year 3 have been busy in art creating a fabulous display for our library. They have picked a favourite book and created silhouettes of the main characters and mounted them onto pages from the book itself. As you can see it certainly makes the library a welcoming space.


Scholastic Book Fair

Monday 19th February - Friday 23rd February

The Scholastic Book Fair will be open all week AFTER school from 3.15 - 3.45 and on Wednesday from 8.30 in the School Hall.

The children will have a scheduled time within the school week to visit the fair and see the range of books available. They will then be on sale after school. Books can be purchased using cash or by credit card. Leaflets will be sent home next week.

REMEMBER … whatever we sell to you, the school gets in books !


Science at Hollickwood

Did you know?.....

Chameleons have long tails which can be used to grab branches when moving in the trees.
They can look in two directions at once.
The tongue of a chameleon can be longer than its entire body

Nursery have had a fantastic two weeks learning about both nocturnal animals and those that use camouflage. Thank you to Nicky and Katerina for bringing in the amazing ‘Vidal’ the chameleon and ‘Herbie’ the hamster.


Football news

Girls played against Holy Trinity this week with a fantastic result 2-0. Both Goals came as a result of some very long throw in’s from Gloria. Intisar made some fabulously brave saves in goal. Well done girls. The whole match was played with a great attitude from both teams.


Number day Bake off. Well done to all those who took part in the Number day cake bake off. We will publish pictures of the winning cakes in next weeks newsletter. They were all fabulous and the decision for the winning cakes proved a difficult task.


Rocket Readers Yr5 and Yr6

This week the Yr6 group will be working with text type/ speech. They will be working with fictional characters to develop this form of communica-tion. We will show you examples of pieces produced once the project is in full swing.

Thank you to Sharon for your generous donation of a games console for After school club. It is very much appreciated and will be put to good use.


Reminder for Breakfast club.

Parents are arriving before 8.00am with their children for breakfast club. Staff are not available before this time to care for your child. Please ensure you are waiting with them outside of the school building until this time. Only by prior arrangement will your child be allowed in before hand– This must be communicated and acknowledged by Ms Moore This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Friends of Hollickwood

Quiz night has been confirmed for Friday 27th April. Posters and flyers will go up nearer the time. Year 5 mums are organising again this year!

If you would like to get involved in supporting activities organised by the mums of Hollickwood, please do let the office know and they can put you in touch with Cristina (yr 1 & yr 5 mum). We are always in need of helpers, big and small, to keep our wonderful events going...

Thank you to the gardening club and those who helped to plant the beautiful snowdrops which are now peeping through. Sadly there has been rubbish deposited from our neighbouring residents if anyone knows anyone locally please whisper politely in their ears to take their rubbish in-doors to help stop it spoiling our wild garden. Thank you.


Hugh Vivian



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