Oliver Jeffers Yr1

Year one had a video call with Oliver Jeffers on Thursday, they took part in an question and answer session along with other London based schools. They found out lots of new information about their class author.

Everyman Cinema trip Years 4 & Year 5

Years 4 and Year 5 travelled to the Everyman cinema as part of Film festival to watch Christopher Robin unfortunately there was a hitch with this film so they were lucky enough to view Paddington 2. The children have been writing about there experience and their views on the film. Thank you to the parents who came along to.


International evening—Friday 17th November 6-8pm (tonight)

Please do come along this evening and enjoy sampling delicious delights and some spectacular performances to whisk you off for a journey around the world.


Staffing Update

We are all missing Ms Constantinou but we have made some changes to our staffing so that our progress and improvement won't be affected by her maternity leave. Ms. Stone is our Acting Deputy Head teacher. She has had this role on two previous occasions and will be great at it. Mrs Rutherford is taking on the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator role (SENCo) and has two days dedicated to this. We welcome Mr Neil, who has been seconded from All Saints School - one of our partner school - to support our leaders and teachers. He is working with us on Wednesdays. Lastly, we have engaged Deenah McElinney to cover Ms. Stone so that she can focus on her Deputy Head duties during afternoons. Ms. Stone will be teaching Mini Grey class every morning and will continue as the class teacher. We will engage additional support should the need arise. We are always reviewing staffing so that we can provide the best possible outcomes with the resources available.


Rocket Readers– Coming Soon

Watch this space for more information– Rocket Readers book club for Years 5& 6. If you love reading, come and join us to talk about our favourite books and try some new ones. The book club will be held on Thursday Lunchtime 12.15-12.45 with Mrs Ramage ( start date to be confirmed)


Morning Routines

Please can we remind you if you are arriving after 8.50am can you ensure your child is signed in with the office and a member of staff will take them to their classroom. Registration will have begun and this helps to minimise disruption to the rest of the class. Thank you for your co operation.I


Independent Travellers

Please can we ask that your children do know to leave school promptly and be aware of whom is around them. There have been groups of older children outside and near-by to the school grounds and we do understand it can feel a little intimidating. We have made the community police officers aware also.
Nursery Open Day We are holding an Open Day in Nursery on 10th January 2018. Parents can come into the Nursery between 9-11am and 12.45-2.45pm. Come and see how the Nursery runs and let your friends and family know.


Cashless we will not be accepting any cash in the school office. All payments must be made via school mon-ey.co.uk. If you need help with your password please ask in the office.



Friends of Hollickwood

Dear Friend of Hollickwood,

Winter is coming. But we’re warmed by the love that is flowing towards our crowdfunding campaign. Which, by the way, is ALMOST halfway to our goal. Can you help us get there? www.spacehive.com/happyhedge

Next is our #happyhedge design competition - open to all families at Hollickwood. The aim is to design a happy hedge for our school. Your drawings can be handed in to the office or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 27th of November. So please get drawing now. Crazy ideas welcome, but might be tempered down (for budget or practical purposes) if chosen The winners will be announced on the 1st of December. Multiple contributions allowed. Please write Hollickwood somewhere clearly on the drawing.

One of the first and largest contributors to our #HappyHedge campaign is The Sunshine Garden Centre who’ve also given us a flower bulb voucher per child. You can pick them up at their store (N11 2EL) and come and plant them at Garden Club (parents welcome as usual Fridays @9am). But please hurry, stocks won’t last forever and winter is almost upon us...

Bags4school raised £104 - Thank you to everyone who donated clothes. Well done to Sam for organising it!

Xmas Trees - Ethically grown premium grade Nordmann Fir non-drop Christmas trees at Hollickwood again. Discounted rates & school gets a percentage of each sale.

The PTA wishes everyone another wonderful week - hope you enjoy International Evening too. We know we will.

Gardening Club—Despite the frosty morning this week we have had an outdoor feast. Sampling both our harvest from last week. Eaten simply cooked and raw the children thoroughly enjoyed them—it was hard to get them to stop eating.

Theodoros declared them “completely delicious”.



Hugh Vivian

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