Christmas Project

We are taking part in the Christmas project this year. Your child will be bringing home their design and order form for you to complete on Wednesday 11th October. All orders must be back by Monday 16th October to ensure delivery. All orders will be back with us by 4th December in time for cards to be posted and gifts sent. Examples of the card, mug and coaster are available in the school office to show you the quality.

Homework Club

Homework club starts next Wednesday—It will take place every Wednesday at Lunch time in the ITC Suite. Please do come along and receive help with your homework. All year groups welcome.

Breakfast Club

Please may we remind you that breakfast club opens at 8am and staff will NOT be available before this time. If you have any questions please contact Miss Moore on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you in advance.

After School Club

Please book your children into After School Club online 24 hours in advance. Payment must also be made on line. If your child is not booked in advance they will not be able to attend.

Art week—Week commencing 2nd October 2017

All next week all children will be learning about and creating their own Illustrations based around their literacy learning. They will be given the opportunity to work with a variety of mediums.

We will be using their works for our displays and hope you are looking forward to seeing their masterpieces.

Uniforms and Personal belongings

Please can you ensure that your child’s name is on all items of clothing that they wear to school. If lost it helps to easily return them to the correct person. With the colder weather due just around the corner, please also ensure that your child's PE kit is kept in school in case of any emergencies and can be used as a
spare change of clothes.


Friends of Hollickwood


Get to know Your Class Reps

We help build a sense of community among the class parents. Get in touch with us to chat about how us parents can make our school even better!

Nursery– Lucy Drane—we are looking for a nursery parent to help out with this role.

Reception– Anna Dalla & Stephanie Crane

Year 1—Shelley Galpin & Lucy Drane

Year 2—Jude Tytherleigh

Year 3—Jenny Jekyll

Year 4– Kelly Bowden

Year 5 -Cynthia Mason

Year 6—Liga Kitchen

PTA Chair: Christina Palmer-Romero, PTA Treasurer: Sam Breedon

PTA Secretary: Anna Casey. PTA Vice Chair: Diana Voxerbrant

It is really important to the school and our children that ALL parents/carers have a chance to get involved. We would like the Class Reps to represent the diversity of the school community and would like both has and mums, working and non-working parent to help out. Everyone is welcome!


Hugh Vivian

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