This is a summary of our current School Improvement Plan.

2015-16 Overview – September 2015

Overall Objective: To improve outcomes for all children and be recognised as a Good school that is on the path to becoming Outstanding within three years

Priority area 1: Attendance 

Aim: To raise attendance above 96%

We will know we have achieved this when:

  • Our yearly attendance rate is above 96%


Priority area 2: Outcomes

Aim: To improve outcomes so that all pupils make at least good progress in all subjects in all year groups 

We will know we have achieved this when:

  • We have improved attainment in writing in all phases
  • We have evidence of good progress in Reception based on the baseline and end of Reception profiling in Summer 2016
  • We have achieved our attainment targets for KS1 in all subjects
  • Progress is strong in all subjects for all groups of learners across KS1 relative to their EY profile
  • Progress through KS2 is strong for all groups in all areas with an increasing proportion of children achieving the expected standard in each year group by summer 16
  • Attainment and progress is above national averages at the end of KS2 in summer 2016, in all subjects including for those exceeding age-related expectations 


Priority area 3: Teaching

Aim: To improve teaching so that it provides effective challenge for all learners 

We will know we have achieved this when:

  • Lesson observations show that teachers are providing appropriate challenge for all learners, including the more able
  • Monitoring of planning and books show that expectations are high and that the needs of all are being addressed
  • Written feedback is of a consistently high standard whether from teacher, Teaching Assistant or a child (through peer and self-assessment)
  • Observations and Learning Walks find evidence of the use of higher order questioning 


Priority area 4: Leadership and Management

Aim: For leaders’ plans to include ambitious and measurable targets based on robust and accurate assessment

We will know we have achieved this when:

  • Our assessment and tracking recording system is well embedded and used accurately by all (Pupil Asset)
  • Leader’s plans include ambitious and measurable targets at each phase and in each subject
  • Monitoring of assessment judgements by teachers shows that it is accurate